Delhi gang-rape: Words fail to express my outrage, says Anupam Kher

Monday, 2 September 2013 - 8:57am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Anupam Kher

I am appalled, horrified, numbed and disgusted by the Delhi rapist being given three years because he is apparently a juvenile. Ha ha. Juvenile? Means a child, right? Do children commit rape? Do they brutalise and ravage women in such an animal-like way? If the brute who did this to Nirbhaya gets only three years what is the disincentive for other potential 17-18 year old rapists?

That bastard is now going to be kept in a comfortable, safe environment, fed and sheltered in a remand home and probably lead a better life than he did back home where he came from.

In fact, the scariest and most disgusting thought that comes to mind right now is that so called juveniles who don’t have homes and enough food can now commit rape and lead a comfortable life for three years in a remand home... Words actually fail to express my outrage. But then this is the country and the politicians that we have gifted ourselves.

This is the country where Digvijay Singh refers to a woman as ‘tanch maal’. I think it’s reflective of the mindset of those who are our leaders and politicians. Do these movers and shakers of our society realise what rape does to the victim and to her family? It’s not just a girl who is scarred and stigmatised for life. It’s also her parents and family. For the rest of his life the father of a rape victim is looked on with nauseating sympathy as the poor man whose daughter went through what she did.

I am disgusted that stringent laws have not been  passed to curb rape incidents. What are the politicians doing? Why is parliament not outraged enough? Guess what? They just don’t care!

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