Dare to try the Werewolf Diet?

Sunday, 13 April 2014 - 7:15am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

This spooky sounding diet involves fasting and detoxifying the body as per the moon's phases

We're not crying wolf! There actually exists diet known as the The Werewolf Diet, with other alternate names like The Moon Diet and The Lunar Diet. Basically, the diet is designed as per the phases of the moon. Apparently, this might help one lose two to six pounds in 24-hour period. Sounds bizarre? We think so too. Hollywood celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore too, have allegedly followed the diet. But does it even make sense?

The Diet
There are two main variations of The Moon Diet. First, the basic moon diet plan during which either during the full or new moon one is on a strict liquid diet comprising vegetable and fruit juices and water. One can also have tea with honey but no sugar. It claims that the body is cleansed of its toxins and one can lose up to 6 lbs of water weight in a day. Second is the extended moon diet plan, which involves fasting on a full moon, as per the basic moon diet plan and in addition there's guidelines for weight loss during each of the major phases of the moon. The best time to begin the diet is on a full moon. Later, as per the phases of the moon, like the waning moon, new moon and waxing moon, one has to continue with a restricted diet.

Moon's effect
Just like the tides, does the moon have an effect on one's eating habits and subsequently, the body's health? Tarot card reader and numerologist Shradha A Salla agrees saying, "Yes, the moon shows its effects on water. High tide and low tide is cause by the energy of the moon, because the human body is made up of approximately 70 per cent water the moon has a direct effect on our hormones, these hormones in turn affect our behavior by causing mood swings and hence in turn affect our eating habits. The moon as has an affect on health, due to hormonal fluctuation which can cause hair loss or irregular period cycle."

Consultant nutritionist Niti Desai on the other hand disagrees saying, "There is no scientific evidence for this. Effects of moon on large water bodies such as oceans can not be extrapolated to a human being. It is just one more of the gimmicky diets with a very short life as there is absolutely no scientific evidence."

Does the diet make sense?
Salla who opines that the moon does have an effect on the health and one's eating habits, however, disagrees with the feasibility of diet. "I do not think this diet makes sense because besides the moon there are also other planets that are ruling us at the same time. If there is another low energy planet that is ruling you and you have not eaten a bite all day long, you will only end up having a bad day with no energy in your body to function," she reasons out.

Desai says that the basic Moon Diet plan is just a variation of a fasting day/detox programme. "There's no scientific evidence of its feasibility and it goes against all the established tenets of nutrition like losing 6 lbs in a day, and all such tall claims to which lay people easily prey to. There will be temporary rapid weight loss but also guaranteed weight gain in the form of a rebound."

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