Couplings we want to see in Game Of Thrones in season 5

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It will be a while before we finally get to see which character will be bumped off next. And if all the blood and gore is getting to you, and you want to focus on something more pleasant. This compilation of possible romantic pairings in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones (GOT) could be the thing. The world of GOT is all about possibilities. So why not extend that to these characters, who may or may not get together onscreen, but will have many fans rooting for them either way.

Jaime Lannister and Brienneof Tarth
We started off with hating Jaime but have come to the realisation that's he's not so bad. He proved that when he came back to save Brienne from being mauled by a bear, and risked his life so she could make it. They have been through and emotional journey, with him losing his hand, and the dangers they encountered. Jaime's bravery and Brienne's loyality would make for a good combination, and an interesting pair. They have the chemistry, but will they make it work? We would definitely want to see that in the upcoming season.

Jon Snow and DaenerysTargaryen
Jon has the morals, and Dany has the rightful claim to the iron throne. Both are walking on the path of righteousness, so it makes sense for them together and help make Westeros a better place. It would free it from the hands of the Lannisters and the Baratheons, who have only contributed to the upheaval, and restore much needed peace in the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei Lannister and Littlefinger
Two evil minds who have manipulated situations and people to get their way. Personally, we want them together so the lives of two other people are not destroyed, though we fear the havoc these two would create if they did end up together. It would still be interesting to see who outwits each other in this game of upmanship.

Sansa and Littlefinger
As seen in the earlier seasons Lord Petyr Baelish who also goes by the name Littlefinger seems to have transferred his affections from Sansa's mother to her. While it may seem predatory, we are not sure if he has a bigger plan in mind as is always the case with Littlefinger. Nevertheless this odd pairing has immense possibilities. In her new avatar will Sansa stop playing the victim? It definitely looks that way, she lied under oath to protect Baelish, and has proved that Westeros has taught her a lot. If nothing else it has made her a convincing actress and she may just turn the tables on the wily Littlefinger.

Sansa and Tyrion
We do feel sorry for Tyrion who has been battling demons all his life. Brought up by a father who always wanted him dead, and a sister who also feels the same way, and having killed the love of his life Shea, and condemned to death even though he is innocent, you can't help but root for him everytime he manages to escape from the claws of death. While his and Sansa's marriage was just a ploy to keep power in the hands of the Lannisters, we actually hope these two end up together. Maybe Tyrion can save Sansa from the manipulative ways of Littlefinger and build a relationship with Sansa based on friendship. Though the trust issues will have to be worked out. It's a long shot, but from what we have witnessed so far in GOT, anything and everything is possible.

Unsullied leader Grey Worm and Missandei
Grey Worm and Missandei are victims of circumstances sharing a common destiny – being sold as slaves. Dany has managed to set them free. But what does the future hold for them. They clearly like each other, but can something come of it? We would like to see more of them together.

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