Co-incidence or copycat?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 - 10:30am IST | Agency: DNA
A 2010 episode of Rizzoli & Isles showed mass killing at the Boston Marathon, eerily similar to the bomb blasts on Monday.

You have to wonder, was the Boston bomb blasts that happened on Monday was inspired by a popular detective TV series. Is it a co-incidence or did a copycat decided to bring the TV show alive? An episode of  television series called Rizzoli & Isles had an eerily similar scene in its Born to Run episode in 2010.

The protagonists Jane and Maura’s plan to run in the Boston marathon is interrupted when they reach the three-mile mark and find another runner collapsed on the road. They quickly determine that the man was shot but Jane is concerned that it should not become widely known as it might induce panic among the half a million spectators along the course.

When a second man is shot at the 12-mile point, they realise the killer is likely a runner. 

The show not only featured Boston Marathon but also has almost similar scenes from the spot of bomb blasts on Monday. The series showed men being carried on gurneys, panicked runners and organisers and police squads trying to control the mayhem — similar pictures were aired on news channels and websites of the Boston bomb blasts. An unfortunate deja vu?

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