Cameron Diaz to root for Indian farmers

Thursday, 8 July 2010 - 12:29pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The Hollywood actor is being approached by Indian NGOs to campaign for saving agricultural lands in India.

Hollywood hottie Cameron Diaz, who has recently taken a keen interest in the world agricultural scene, is being approached by a few non-profit seeking organisations to root for the cause of saving agricultural land in India.

India is primarily known to be an agricultural nation but has faced problems like pesticide pollution, debt cycle leading to farmer suicides and even loss of agricultural land due to urbanization. It has been reported that in many places of India, huge tracks of farm lands have been used up for commercial projects.

A highly placed source close to a Delhi-based NGO working towards ecological harmony revealed their plans on conditions of anonymity. “Cameron has been very enthusiastic about promoting agriculture. She believes that agriculture can help maintain the ecological balance in the world. Global warming, ozone depletion and lack of fertility in a land are all due to urbanization and this constant race to develop. Sometimes, it’s good to lay back and get one with nature. Eco friendly stuff is in all over the world and nature is a great source of energy. If we have no agriculture left in the world, the world will face a crisis that it can’t tackle.”

The informer adds, “Our vision matches with Cameron’s and some other organizations that are also looking to champion the cause of keeping and restoring agricultural farmlands. We are looking at teaming up with Cameron given her knowledge on the subject. If everything goes through, we will look at bringing her down to India to promote the cause of farmlands.”

Cameron says that she wants to spend a year as a farm girl. “I’ve always been on the move,” she says, adding, “So what I’d love to do is spend a whole year in one place, on a farm.”

The actor’s deep passion for nature comes through when she says, “I’d get to raise my own crops and livestock, and for once just see how life is cultivated. It’s almost like this primal thing. I really just feel as if the earth is where we all come from and we have nothing if we don’t have soil, water and sun.”

She adds, “I’ve read a lot about agriculture and I feel the need inside me to work with the earth in some way. I guess it would be like a painter having to paint.”

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