Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Christian Grey make it to the Forbes 15 richest fictional characters list

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It's easy to be a millionaire or even a billionaire in certain works of fiction. Whether it's loaning gold to the rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms or designing your own state of the art armour or travelling the world on untold adventures. But ever wonder who's actually the richest?

Is Bruce Wayne really richer than Tony Stark? Can Richie Rich out bet Tywin Lannister in a poker game?

Well, since 2002, Forbes has been compiling a comprehensive list of the wealthiest characters in fiction ranging from novels, games, television, movies, comics. Forbes has a team that tracks these characters across different platforms, keeping in mind the profits and losses in their companies and their personal fortunes.

There have been lists from 2002 onwards, containing some well known fictional characters like Scrooge McDuck, Santa Claus, Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, C.Montgomery Burns, and Tony Stark. As well as lesser known characters like Jed Clampett and Flintheart Glomgold. The list varies with the financial downfalls or positive surges in their fortunes, and the characters rise or fall in the ranks.

Here is the list of Forbes Fictional 15, 2013:

15. Jay Gatsby

Worth: $1 billion

Source: Racketeering, investments

Residence: West Egg, N.Y. 

You know him from: The Great Gatsby


14. Mary Crawley

Worth: $1.1 billion

Source: Inheritance, marriage

Residence: Yorkshire, England

You know her from: Downton Abbey


13. Mr. Monopoly

Worth: $1.2 billion

Source: Real Estate

Residence: Atlantic City, N.J.

You know him from: Monopoly


12. Lara Croft

Worth: $1.3 billion

Source: Inheritance, treasure hunting

Residence: Wimbledon, England

You know her from: Tomb Raider


11. Walden Schmidt

Worth: $1.3 billion

Source: Technology

Residence: Malibu, California

You know him from: Two and a Half Men


10. C. Montgomery Burns

Worth: $1.5 billion

Source: Energy

Residence: Springfield, U.S.A.

You know him from: The Simpsons


9. Tywin Lannister

Worth: $1.8 billion

Source: Inheritance

Residence: Casterly Rock, Westeros

You know him from: Game of Thrones


8. Christian Grey

Worth: $2.5 billion

Source: Investments, manufacturing

Residence: Seattle, Washington

You know him from: 50 Shades Of Grey


7. Richie Rich

Worth: $5.8 billion

Source: Inheritance, conglomerates

Residence: Richville, U.S.A.

You know him from: Richie Rich


6. Bruce Wayne

Worth: $9.2 billion

Source: Inheritance, defense

Residence: Gotham City, U.S.A.

You know him from: Batman


5. Charles Foster Kane

Worth: $11.2 billion

Source: Media

Residence: Xanadu, California

You know him from: Citizen Kane


4. Tony Stark

Worth: $12.4 billion

Source: Defense Contracts

Residence: Malibu, California

You know him from: Iron Man


3. Carlisle Cullen

Worth: $46 billion

Source: Compound interest, investments

Residence: Forks, Washington

You know him from: Twilight


2. Smaug

Worth: $54.1 billion

Source: Marauding

Residence: The Lonely Mountain

You know him from: The Hobbit


1. Scrooge McDuck

Worth: $65.4 billion

Source: mining, treasure hunting

Residence: Duckberg, Calisota

You know him from: Uncle Scrooge

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