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Saturday, 25 January 2014 - 1:15pm IST | Agency: DNA
The classic hairdo beautifully complements high-neck gowns, making it the ultimate look for our Bollywood actresses.

Recently Deepika Padukone sported a bouffant with her high-neck Alexander McQueen gown. She had also sported big hairdo at another awards ceremony when she wore a Pankaj & Nidhi sheath dress. Preeti Desai too had opted for big hair with a high-neck embellished gown. High-neck gowns and bouffant seem to be the perfect marriage of sorts on the red carpet, of late. In the ’50s and ’60s, the raging bouffant and the beehive plague saw women scurrying to the drug stores for cans of hairspray. This classic hair-do has never really gone out of style, however, since the last two seasons, it seemed to have been eclipsed by chignon, braid and textured, out-of-bed hair trends on the global runways.

Bouffant: More of an attitude
“It sure is. The bouffant and big hair in general is on for next year, so start growing out your pixie cuts. It is being seen majorly on red carpets around the world but opt for deconstructed and dishevelled version which is actually the trend. We all think of Amy Winehouse when it comes to the modern bouffant but it doesn’t have to be that exaggerated or that ‘mad’. You can start with a smaller, easier street version,” says Virginia Holmes, make-up artist, Fat Mu.

Complements a high-neck gown

Make-up artist Vipul Bhagat experimented with a lot of bouffant looks during the Bridal week last year and also sees it big in spring and fall of 2014. “When you are wearing a high-neck gown, you can’t leave your hair open. However, I wouldn’t suggest a neat bouffant but a little rough and undone version of it.” In fact it’s a huge rage in the weddings with a lot of brides opting for it.

Understand your face
“A high updo gives one height. It may be too much for those with a long face shape but generally it works on all, which is why it keeps coming back into fashion time after time. You can get add-on hair pieces to help with the height instead of back-combing your own hair. So shop around and see what you can find,” says Virgina. Vipul feels that this hairstyle doesn’t suit most faces.
“Deepika looked great in it because she is lean and tall. It’s crucial to understand your face first and then opt for this look accordingly,” he says.

2014: Year of the bouffant

“It’ll be a bouffant year — from small to large to extreme — women will have fun with this timeless style all over again,” says Holmes.

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