And Angelina Jolie wore white... what about her own style?

Thursday, 4 September 2014 - 6:10am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Is it just me or anyone else who's really upset with Jolie's wedding dress choice? Well, it definitely put Donatella's Versace on the map but what about Jolie's real style which was sadly camouflaged under a demure veil and a blah-inducing maternity gown? Ironically, it's a shocker coming from Donatella in whose DNA, D stands for dominatrix. Unless the bride went wobbly kneed in the pre-I-do phase and the brief was the 'clichéd white'. Angelina's choice of this granny-ish gown (which also had drawings and paintings made by her kids) raises a lot of questions! For someone with an impossible-to-achieve physique, was the maternity gown an apt choice? When one thinks of Angie – one thinks of the invincible Lara Croft, the red carpet's seductress supreme, who'll make world's most sought-after actor pale every time she steps out with him (The now epochal Saint Laurent tux with an open bow-tie which she wore at BAFTA comes to mind instantly).

Also, the white of the dress is clearly the antithesis of what Miss Jolie represents – she is already a mother to Brad's children and if we put that aside, the sorceress-esque aura that she radiates, kind of, conjures up a powerful Goth vision.

The moot point remains - Why did she take the clichéd white gown route? Or was it her way of making us aware of the soft feminine side to her? The kids' graffiti on the veil clearly shows that the mother in her got the better of the femme fatale in her!

The style addict within me sincerely wishes she had opted for a Goth-inspired gown unleashing the inner noir goddess or gone the biker bride way with a stronger, potent silhouette - sharp shoulders, structured bustier, perhaps a leather skirt fastened by metallic zippers. Did someone say Balmain?

Considering she's a woman who's always flouted rules – be it her choice of roles, her red carpet outings or her most-discussed personal life – a cutting-edge, futuristic wedding attire would have sent out a refreshing message across the style spectrum comprising young girls who look up to her. I, for sure, had waited for an OMG-inducing epiphany moment which was clearly denied!

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