An Akshay Kumar fan walked for 42 days from Haryana to Mumbai to meet the actor

Monday, 23 December 2013 - 8:56am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

When Akshay Kumar returned to Mumbai from a brief holiday in Casablanca last week, he heard from his staff about a young lad staying outside his building for the last few days. He learnt that the chap came to meet him from outside Mumbai and had refused to leave when told that he was not in the country. He slept on the road outside the Khiladi’s building and made it clear he had no intention of leaving till he had accomplished his mission of meeting the actor.

He spoke to the security guards outside the house who informed the residents of the building when they inquired about the homeless person sleeping outside the private propety. Soon everyone in the area was talking about the man who walked all the way from Haryana (it took him 42 days) to Mumbai to meet AK. He didn’t have any money or a place to stay in the city so he decided to stay outside the apartment complex gate till he got the darshan of his screen idol.

Then through the network of  the drivers of the building residents, the memsaabs and madams heard about this fan, and some homes began sending him food. One neighbour gave him a blanket, while another made an offer to him to share their driver’s accomodation. When Akshay’s mom who lives in the same building heard about him, she met him and promised to make him meet her son when he returned to the city. Says a source close to Akshay, “On his return, Akki learnt that a 21-year-old boy had been camping outside his house for a week only to meet him.

The next morning, Akshay walked out and met him. He was shocked and bewildered yet humbled by the fact that someone had so much love and devotion for him and had gone to such lengths just to meet him.”

When Akshay asked the boy how he reached so far he told him that he came from a poor family in Haryana and couldn’t afford a train ticket to Mumbai. The source adds, “One day he just got up and started walking. He walked 42 km every day. He would sleep at roadside dhabas, work there for some food and then start walking again.” According to the source, the boy wanted to spend some more time with Akshay but the actor was adamant that he had to return to his anxious family. “Akshay told him that he should go back and serve his parents and reassure them that he was fine. He told him he must never come back again as his parents would be worried.” The star gave him some money and asked him to take the train back home.” The boy took back a picture of him (inset) and the star together saying, gaonwale dekhenge toh vishwas karenge ki main aapse mila hoon.”

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