All the "bare truths" about PK

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 - 6:20am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

All you wanted to know about PK and didn't know who to ask!

Aamir Khan holds his cards close. Surprising his audience has become a calling card. Shock value has become a valuable tool of his trade. If he grabbed eyeballs with a shaved head and eight-pack in Ghajini, he pulled out all the stops when he posed naked for PK's first look poster.

'Bare' truth
That Aamir plays an alien is known. The nude look at the beginning (a la Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator) marks him as someone familiar with human clothing. In one of the pictures that leaked during the making of PK, Aamir is shown wearing a ghagra, presumably because he doesn't realise that men and women don't dress alike.

Doomed planet
Aamir's character is from another planet, he's in trouble and has no hope. He is about to give up, when a friend informs him about Earth. How the people there talk of God, who can solve any problem in the world. His friend eggs him to go seek God's help. He lands on earth, begins his search. He asks people where God can be found and goes to those places (temples, churches, etc).

PK was rewritten!
When Akshay Kumar's OMG Oh My God was released, director Raj Kumar Hirani and his writers were forced to revisit the script to remove the many similarities between the two films. Much like Paresh Rawal, the alien in PK also finds it hard to grasp the concept of God and questions natural disasters, why some people have better lives and why children suffer, etc. One can rest assured though, as PK bears Raju's trademark touch and should be markedly different.

The trailer of this most-awaited film releases on October 2. One can only wait and see how much that trailer will reveal...

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