Ajay Devgn takes on Shah Rukh Khan!

Monday, 23 January 2012 - 8:39am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The alleged cold war between Devgn and King Khan threatens to get ugly.

The cold vibes that actors Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan share, that were so far being talked about in hushed whispers, are now threatening to come out in the open as a full-blown war between the two stars. Ever since, Ajay has pre-poned his home production, Son of Sardar to taken on SRK’s Yash Chopra film this Diwali, buzz about the rivalry between the two taking a turn for the worse is doing the rounds in B-Town.

Apparently, Ajay is trying to assert his star power at the BO and is in no mood to take his films being pushed around to accommodate release dates for his contemporaries any more.

According to the buzz, he is upset about the filmmakers of Tezz pushing their film’s date from December last year to April this year, to avoid clashing first with SRK, then Hrithik Roshan and then finally Saif Ali Khan, as his film being pushed so many times is sending out wrong signals in the industry. And apparently, that’s exactly what is now pushing Ajay to flex his BO strength by not wanting to back out from clashing with both SRK and Akshay Kumar this Diwali, when his film SOS releases alongside Khiladi 786 and SRK’s romantic flick. Incidentally, apart from SRK, Ajay is also known to apparently share cold vibes with Akshay and the two have often clashed at the BO in the past too. 

According to insiders, Ajay is tired of being the one whose films are adjusted every now and then, for whatever the reason may be.

“Even though it’s the filmmakers’ choice to take the final call on the release date, it sends out the wrong signal that it is Ajay who is trying to avoid a clash with the other stars in the running, as if taking them head on would worry him. Whereas, fact is that Ajay has enough star pull himself and does tend to make others insecure at the BO. After all, till quite recently, he was the most bankable star and had the biggest total number of hits in a year too,” says an insider. In fact, according to buzz doing the rounds in trade circles, makers of The Amazing Spider-Man had even been considering changing the release date of their fourth spidey installment here to avoid clashing with Ajay’s Bol Bachchan that releases on July 6. 

A source close to the actor reveals that he’s definitely not having any more of the ‘shuffling dates to accommodate others’ and is adamant that his own film SOS not be pushed to make way for any other actor or film, no matter how big or small. A source says, “Ajay is hardly bothered by the number game and is least bothered about awards too. But he is getting upset with the buzz some insiders of the rival camps are spreading that indicate that he is the one who’s getting his filmmakers to avoid a clash with others, whereas, it’s purely a technical issue that he’s not bothered about. So, the clash this Diwali seems unavoidable, unless either of the films are delayed for natural reasons.”

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