76 memorable things fans of 'How I Met Your Mother' will miss

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'How I Met Your Mother' ends its nine season run on Monday, March 31, and there is no denying that it is one of the most iconic shows to hit the small screen in recent years.

Although many fans will admit that the quality of the show did decline over the last few seasons, one cannot deny the massive impact the show has had on pop-culture. From Barney's signature one liners to Ted's ridiculous theories and pronunciation of certain words (Chameleon, Encyclopedia) to all of the other unforgettable things 'HIMYM' has brought us.

01. The Blue French Horn

02. The Slap Bet

03. The Playbook

04. Legend - wait for it - dary

05. William Zabka AKA the real hero of 'The Karate Kid'

06. Haaaveee you met Ted?


08. Interventions

09.  The Doppelgangers

10. Marshmallow and Lilypad

11. The Suit Song

12. 'Lawyered'

13. Jed Mosley and 'The Wedding Bride'

14. The Bro Code

15. The Pineapple Incident

16. Slaps Giving 2: Revenge of the Slap

17. The Sexless Innkeeper

18. The Blitz

19. The Slutty Pumpkin​

20. Ted's red cowboy boots. "Pulling. Them. Off."

21. The Naked Man

22. New Jersey versus New York

23. The Lemon Law

34. Big Fudge

35. Barney's perfect pictures

36. "You son of a beach"

37. Ted and Robin's Major/ General/ Sergeant inside jokes

38. The Captain's happy/angry face

39. 'I would walk 500 miles'

40. Sandy Rivers

41. Puzzles

42. The ducky tie

43. Suit Up!

44. When anyone enquires about Barney's job. "Barney, what do you do again?" :: "Haha, please"

45. The best burger in New York

46. The Cheerleader Effect

47. The Magicians Code

48. Robin Sparkles' 'Let's go to the mall'

49. Glen McKenna

50. Barney's blog

52. The yellow umbrella

53. Punchy

54. 83%

55. Bang Bang Bangity Bang

56. Eating a "sandwich"

57. High Fives

58. Livin' On A Prayer, the ultimate pump up song

59. Challenge Accepted

60. Marshall versus the machines

61. Tantrum

62. Barney's fake history lessons

63. Video Resumes

64. "Where's the poop?"

65. Marshpillow

66. Laser tag

67. The Bermuda Triangle

68. Doctor X

69. Lily's 'you're dead to me' look

70. MacLaren's Pub 

71. Canada

72. Marshall singing everything

73. Telepathic Conversations

74. Lance Hardwood: Sex Architect

75. Marshgammon

​76. Ted correcting peoples' grammar

76. And of course, the most memorable thing of all..

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