7 films you must watch if you're a dog lover

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They say, 'a dog is a man's best friend'. While most Bollywood stars have their own pets at home, there are a few films where the dog becomes the real hero! With Akshay Kumar's upcoming film 'Entertainment' revolving around an adorable dog, we bring you seven of the best dog films from Hollywood and Bollywood that never fail to touch our hearts and bowl us over. 

Marley and Me:

Encapsulating the journey that almost each master goes through with their dog, Marley plays the lead character both in the film and in Owen Wilson's daily column in the film. From breaking furniture to humping the instructor, Marley wins hearts throughout. And life after the dog is gone can never be the same! If you've not watched the film, do it right away. Just make you have your tissues near you. ​

Hachiko: A Dog's Story:

Based on a real life incident, this movie is about a dog Hachiko and his earnest longing to have his master back. Picked up by a man, the dog bonds so well with him that he keeps coming back to the station every day to check whether his deceased master has returned. Another tear-jerker, this story is a brave testament to the faithfulness and loyalty of dogs.​

101 Dalmations:

While most films have one dog as the central protagonist, here there are 101! A total riot of sorts, 101 Dalmations was a story that evoked fun and emotions at the same time.​

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun:

No Bollywood buff can ever forget Tuffy, the dog from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. While the audience kept waiting till the end for some miracle to get Nisha and Prem hitched, Tuffy took centrestage and made it happen. ​

Teri Meherbaniyan:

This was a rare Bollywood film where the dog was the hero in the story. Yes, Jackie Shroff is murdered and his friend is framed for his death. The only witness of his death is his dog Brownie. How the dog manages to avenge his master's death is what Teri Meherbaniyan is all about. A must watch!​

Chillar Party:

A sweet children's film with a subtle message within, Chillar Party had the entire gang of boys embarking on a mission to save Bhidu, the dog. ​


What seemed like a half-baked trailer with a good amount of toilet humour forced in, the only saving grace for this otherwise Bollywood potboiler is the presence of 'Entertainment', the dog! It would not be wrong to say that the dog's screen presence overshadows a star as big as Akshay Kumar.


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