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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 - 1:51pm IST | Agency: DNA
One of India's best dressed men, Rahul Khanna sure knows a thing or two about style. Looking quite his dapper self, the actor who was in town recently chatted up with After Hrs.

Status of my movie, Fireflies... The movie was screened at the New York Indian Film Festival in May this year. I don’t really have an update on when the movie’s going to be releasing here. It is a small movie and it is important to get the right kind of distribution. I think the filmmakers are currently doing that — trying to get the right kind of distributor/ promoter; someone who shares similar beliefs as the rest of the team about films. I think that is quite important for an independent film like ours.

You don’t see more of Rahul Khanna on the screen because... I don’t know (smiles)! There is nothing I like doing more than acting in a film. But then, I can only choose from what is available to me. So, I say yes to some roles and say no to others. But I have always done movies based on what I’ve liked and wanted to do.

You will be seeing me next on... TV. I have done a two-episode role for Anil Kapoor’s 24. I play the role of a businessman who Anil’s character thinks might have some answers for his family’s kidnapping. There’s an interesting equation that plays between the two. It was great fun shooting for the show. What I like about the show is the fact that it’s been shot like a movie. It has very slick production values. The role also involved exhaustive action. It is 24 we are talking about. So yes, there is a lot of action!

My evolution in style... Till today, it amuses me that people consider me stylish. I have friends who’d make fun of me in college about my clothes because then, I would only wear black, white or blue. But that is because I like those colours. Today, I have a lot of friends who call me up asking me all sorts of questions like  ‘What should I wear for a particular event? ‘How should I  tie a bow tie?’ etc. I have a very visual point of view with regard to style. I like the aesthetics, the way things look. Style for me lies in the details — the pattern on the tie, the design of the cuff links, how the pant’s cuffs fall.

Whom do I look for advice on style... I kind of look back a lot when I need ideas. Those were the times when fashion was classy and men really dressed up. I refer to Cary Grant a lot. I think he was the most stylish man of his time. I also go through books and blogs. When it comes to fashion, I also enjoy meeting and talking to people who have a point of view about the subject.

My fashion fetish... I have an absurd, borderline-fetishness for plain, grey tees. It is my go-to tee when I don’t know what to wear. I find that I almost always tend to pick up a grey T-shirt every time I go shopping.

Shopping and I... I am a bit of a minimalist.  So, when I buy something, I throw out something else from my wardrobe. But that said, I hate shopping. I don’t like spending more than 20 minutes on it. That is precisely why I prefer heading to multi-brand stores like The Collective where I can get everything at once.

My style icons... Cary Grant, Tom Ford and The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman

Five things I’d carry in a suitcase... A blazer, a pair of jeans, a very nice, crisp white shirt, a pair of swimming trunks — swimming is a nice alternative to hitting the hotel’s gym, a scarf and sunglasses.

My advice to men looking to impress women... Be respectful of them. Having a sense of humour sure helps. Open doors, pull up chairs for them. Be chivalrous.

My rules of style... There are no rules when it comes to style. I stay true to the credo — Dress according to what makes you feel good. That is what it really is about. For instance, I may find a man wearing a red velvet suit a bit disconcerting but if he is comfortable wearing it, then he should by all means go ahead and wear it.  Go by what you feel and not what people think. There was time when Beethoven was not considered good. So, you know, opinions change. Stay true to what you like.

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