Indian dances are exotic!: Sofia Boutella

Thursday, 21 June 2012 - 9:47am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Hollywood debutante Sofia talks about Bollywood; also reveals why she doesn’t regret choosing Madonna over Michael Jackson!

From being a well-known back-up dancer with pop stars like Madonna, Rihanna to having starred in their music videos and now ready to make her debut as an actor, Sofia Boutella’s come a long way. “It all feels like a dream,” says the debutante, as she talks to After Hrs about her passion for dancing and landing her first role as a lead star in the upcoming StreetDance 2

From dancing with the stars to now being considered one of them, how does that feel?
People that I have worked with are people who I really look up to, and I feel that I have a real long way to go before I can even consider myself as one of them. But I’d like to believe that the first step’s taken already.

There was buzz that you were selected for Michael Jackson’s This Is It, but gave it up for Madonna’s concert?
Yes, I was selected, but I had already commited my dates to Madonna’s tour and the choice was simple. I just decided to stick to my commitments, so I don’t regret not being on his tour at all. Also Madonna is my inspiration really. I have worked really closely with her and the woman amazes me. She has inspired me a lot.
You have starred in several music videos, but how different was it shooting for a film?

Well, films and music videos, there’s just no comparison, they are two entirely different worlds. In the video, I dance and emote, but in the movie, I am creating a character, which I think is more challenging, but also fun.  

Was it easy to play the role of Eva in StreetDance 2?
Well, I am a trained hip-hop dancer, while my character Eva’s a salsa dancer, so it wasn’t cakewalk. But I think as an actor, you take up what seems challenging and make it seem like it was what you were born doing, so I danced through it (laughs).
Since dancing is your passion and strength, would you only want to focus on dance based films?
No. I love acting as much as I love dancing, so in fact, I would want to try every genre I can. I don’t want dancing to limit my choices ever.

Have you seen any Bollywood films?
Oh yes, lots and I simply love their songs and dances. I think they are exotic and very energetic and colourful. I would love to try it out someday for sure.


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