I genuinely believed I had fallen in love: Deepika Padukone

Sunday, 5 January 2014 - 9:32am IST | Agency: dna

In the last season, Deepika Padukone had appeared with Sonam Kapoor, this time she will be seen with Priyanka Chopra in 'Koffee With Karan'. Excerpts from the interview...

Karan: So you’re dating Ranveer Singh but not talking about it...

Deepika: Am I?
Karan to Priyanka Chopra (PC)

Karan: Do you think she’s dating Ranveer?

PC: I have no comment on that.

Karan: Okay why would you keep it quiet, when you’d kept Ranbir in the open?

Deepika: I think that was a stage in my life when I genuinely believed that I had fallen in love... I think that it was a relationship that I thought would go beyond.

Karan: Just dating...

Deepika: For whatever reasons it didn’t work out. And since then I think I’m very, very scared to invest emotionally in a relationship, because  I don’t know how to just casually date, I don’t know how to be in this in-between dating but not committed thing. I don’t know that space.

Karan: There’s no awkward moment with the current love interest?

Deepika: Who is the current love interest?

Karan: You’re okay, you did a whole film with Ranbir.

Karan: If you’re dating somebody and you do a film with Ranbir, do you keep it all separate?

Deepika: My equation with Ranbir is very, very clear.

Karan: You went on record and said that, that’s something only you’ll know, the extent of the relationship, in terms of the intensity.

Deepika: The best part is that he and I are very clear about where we are in our lives today, as far as our equation is concerned. So there’s no reason for anyone is his life or anyone in my life to be worried about or concerned or insecure about our equation.

Deepika: Today I know that I can walk into a room with all my contemporaries and be very comfortable.

Karan: And what about you? [to PC]

PC: Walk into a room with my contemporaries and be comfortable, I’ve always been. I make people uncomfortable, that’s not my fault.

Karan: How did you deal when your relationship with Ranbir ended? Was it really tough for you?

Deepika: It was very, very difficult for me because, I think, somewhere that relationship became my world. I was new to the city, so his friends became my friends and that life became my life. And I don’t think I made the effort to have my own life. I think that relationship really taught me a lot, when it ended. It’s made me a better person today and he says it himself.

Rapid fire with PC
Karan: In whose bedroom would you find the following things? Handcuffs..

PC: Maybe a certain magazine editor whose hands have been certain places.

Karan: Lifesize poster of themselves

PC: Bebo.

Karan: Who would you dedicate the following pop-songs to Let ’s talk about sex baby...

PC: Deepika.

Karan: Hips don’t lie...

PC: Sonakshi,  she has some Mas-a-la hips man!         

Karan: React in one word to the following actors, Shahid Kapoor...

PC: Gandi Baat.

Rapid fire with Deepika
Who is the first one you think will get married, you or Ranbir?

Deepika: I think he will.

Karan: Your best on-screen kiss was with Ranveer, Ranbir or with Saif?

Deepika: Ranveer.

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