I always carry a condom in my wallet: Ranveer Singh

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 - 7:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Ranveer Singh reveals he approached a condom brand for endorsement because he believes in sexual well-being

Ranveer Singh is the first A-List actor to endorse a condom! The actor who always pushes boundaries whether it is with his clothes or film and endorsement choices, talks about why he took on a product that promotes safe sex. Read on...

Your first reaction when approached to do a condom ad?
Honestly, I was instantly on-board! I was always clear that I wanted to endorse a product that truly has a positive impact on society and sends out the message of being socially responsible too. With the kind of problems we face in our country -- HIV and STDs and unwanted pregnancies, I strongly feel that if there is one product that needs to be endorsed, it is condoms. So the idea occurred to me and I proactively approached Durex because I believe they have a global legacy and are global leaders in the space of sexual well-being. They make quality products and they have fantastic creatives so they were my first choice. I also believe that I have a certain connect with the youth and so I must leverage it to spread awareness about sex.

What made you say yes to the brand?
Well, I think you should ask Durex why they said yes to me! Because, as I mentioned, it was actually my idea! I have been a part of the Hindi film industry for the past three-and-a-half-years and several brands have approached me with very tempting, lucrative endorsement offers. But somehow I think I didn't believe in the brand or I maybe felt those products shouldn't be endorsed. Something or the other was always amiss. So I am very glad that I have started out on the endorsement front on my own terms. While I am aware that it's an edgy choice, I have never really made any choices in life that took the middle road. With Durex, I get to use my celebrity status to positively spread awareness about sexual well-being- a topic that people seriously need to get educated about and start talking about more openly- and if my ad is a conversation starter which makes people do so – I think it's awesome.

Are you involved in the creatives of the ad?
Yes, I am and I thoroughly enjoyed being involved. It was a collaborative effort - They came up with the central idea and then I just built on that! It's a very unique idea which I am thrilled about. I hope people enjoy watching it as much as I did working on it!! Rapping for the ad was especially fun for me. Do you know, I was a copy writer before I entered the Hindi film industry? I worked with JWT and ONM and I was told I could have quite a career in copy writing!

Why do you feel that you are the best choice for a condom ad?
I am very comfortable with my sexuality and I am comfortable engaging in conversation and speaking about the subject of sex. I have no qualms and make no bones about it. In our country sex is still a taboo subject, which it really shouldn't be. Sexual well-being is a topic that calls for healthy discussion, education and awareness and should not be shunned.

It's a bold move to endorse condom ad. Comment.
Yes, I guess I can see why this could be perceived as bold. I only wanted to do something unique and something that made sense to me, I wasn't really thinking about whether it was bold or not.

Do guys always carry condoms in their wallets?
Well, I always do. And if there are guys out there who don't, then they absolutely should.

Do you remember the first condom you ever saw?
No, I don't have any memory of this.

If you were allowed to write the tag line for your condom brand, you'd say
I absolutely love the current tag line of Durex (and I am not just saying this because I endorse the brand!) Sex is an expression of love so Love. Sex. Durex – I mean isn't that exactly what it's about?

Only sex symbols are approached to do condom ads. Agree?
Why not!

Are you okay to be labeled a sex symbol?
Yes, absolutely!

Are you aware that condoms are not hundred per cent safe?
No method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STDs. We all are aware of it and it is clearly stated on all Durex condom packs.

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