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Score: Pakistan 181-7 (20 ovs)
India vs Pakistan, 2nd T20I at Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad
Complete  /  India won by 11 runs  /   Toss: Pakistan (Fielding)  / Date: Dec 28, 2012
India innings
Mohammad Irfan to Rahane, FOUR, terrific placement from Rahane. The timing was exquisite too. It was angled across and the width allowed Rahane to ease it nicely in the gap between gully and point
Tanvir to Gambhir, FOUR, in total command. Gambhir will gain a lot of confidence from that shot. It was pitched up and outside off. Gambhir leans forward and punches it nicely in the gap through covr for his first boundary
Tanvir to Rahane, FOUR, the outfield is very quick and Rahane gets a boundary despite not timing it well. It was outside off, Rahane merely dabbed it between cover and point but it races swiftly to the fence
Tanvir to Rahane, FOUR, short and a lot of width outside off. Easy pickings for Rahane. He cuts it intentionally over the point and picks up another boundary
Tanvir to Rahane, FOUR, poor bowling again from Tanvir. This time he overcompensates in line and finishes on the leg. Rahane glances it very fine and picks up his 4th boundary
Umar Gul to Gambhir, FOUR, outside off, Gambhir makes more room by backing away and slashes hard. The thick edge flies very wide of third man and picks up a boundary. Pressure early on Umar Gul
Umar Gul to Gambhir, FOUR, this is very good batting from Gambhir. He comes down the track now and makes more room to cut it nicely over backward point. One bounce and over the ropes
Umar Gul to Gambhir, FOUR, banged in short by Umar Gul. Gambhir tries the pull but gloves it just over the keeper's outstretched right hand. Third boundary on the trot
Umar Gul to Gambhir, out Lbw!! Umar Gul gets his man with some smart bowling. Beautifully disguised slower one from Gul. Gambhir does not pick it at all but was in the mood to go after everything. He tries to swing it over square leg but misses it completely and is struck plumb in front of middle. Gambhir lbw b Umar Gul 21(11) [4s-4]
Mohammad Irfan to Virat Kohli, FOUR, a mere push from Virat Kohli but right off the middle of the bat. It was overpitched by Mohammad Irfan. Kohli times it superbly straight down the ground for his first boundary
Ajmal to Virat Kohli, FOUR, very good batting again from Virat Kohli. He saw that Ajmal was pushing it through quick. This was slightly short too and Kohli is very quick to rock back and pull it hard and flat to the mid wicket fence
Shahid Afridi to Virat Kohli, FOUR, straight down the ground
Shahid Afridi to Yuvraj, FOUR, a boundary to end the over too, just like it began. This time Yuvraj uses the pace on the delivery to good effect and works a delivery on the leg past the man at short fine leg and wide of deep square leg. Very nicely done.
Tanvir to Virat Kohli, 2 runs, catch dropped but it was a difficult one. A short delivery outside off. Kohli drags the pull and Afridi, at mid wicket, jumps up and gets his right hand to it but the ball does not stick on
Tanvir to Yuvraj, out Virat Kohli Run Out!! Virat Kohli walks off fuming. It was Yuvraj's call and it was a poor one. Yuvraj turned a delivery on the leg straight and firmly to short fine leg and comes across for one. Virat Kohli was not even in the picture when Ajmal broke the stumps with a direct hit. There was some hesitation from Virat Kohli but Yuvraj called for it. Virat Kohli run out (Ajmal) 27(22) [4s-3]
Shahid Afridi to Dhoni, FOUR, that's showing some intent. The first ball Dhoni faces, he has gone inside out through extra cover and gets off the mark with a boundary
Shahid Afridi to Yuvraj, SIX, That's a massive hit from Yuvraj. It was full and on middle. Yuvraj gets down on one knee and plays a majestic slog sweep deep into the crowd over mid wicket and the ball is lost now. A replacement needed.
Shahid Afridi to Yuvraj, FOUR, to third man
Ajmal to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj is growing in confidence. This was tossed up and very full. Yuvraj plonks his foot out and smokes it high and hard over deep mid wicket once again
Umar Gul to Dhoni, leg byes, FOUR, Umar Gul starts with a short of length delivery on the leg. Dhoni misses the glance but it grazes his thigh and still races to the boundary
Umar Gul to Dhoni, FOUR, banged in short by Umar Gul but Dhoni wants to take him on. He stands up tall and pulls it hard and in the air but in the gap through square leg. Excellent placement too by Dhoni
Umar Gul to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni is turning it on. Another excellent shot and Umar Gul has a bemused look on his face. It was nicely pitched up this time. Dhoni goes inside out over cover for another boundary. Top class batting
Hafeez to Yuvraj, FOUR, the partnership between Yuvraj and Dhoni is now over 50, Yuvraj comes down the track and Hafeez spears it in outside leg. Yuvraj flicks it hard and straight to short fine leg but the lanky Irfan is late to come down and allows it to go right between his legs
Hafeez to Yuvraj, FOUR, Yuvraj picks the gap with great precision this time. Only a touch short from Hafeez and outside off. Yuvraj gets back and punches it right between backward point and short third man
Tanvir to Yuvraj, SIX, Tanvir has a wry smile on his face. He knew he made a mistake there. It was on a good length and Yuvraj is quick to heave it over the mid wicket fence
Tanvir to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj brings up his 6th T20I fifty in great style. A length delivery again from Tanvir and Yuvraj takes full toll. He stands up tall and smacks it into the crowd in the mid wicket area again. This has been a terrific innings from Yuvraj
Tanvir to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni joins in the fun. 18 runs off the over. A very full delivery from round the wicket by Tanvir. Dhoni stays back and drills it hard through extra cover. Just the kind of acceleration India needed
Ajmal to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj is in some mood today! Slightly short from Ajmal and Yuvraj was very quick to get down on one knee and smash it hard and into the crowd over deep square leg this time
Ajmal to Yuvraj, SIX, there's no stopping Yuvraj. The pressure gets to Ajmal and he drags it short once more. A gift to Yuvraj in this kind of touch. He gets back and smashes it into the stands over deep square leg again
Ajmal to Yuvraj, SIX, change in length but no change in fortunes for Ajmal. A lot fuller this time but right in the slot for Yuvraj's golf swing. He sends it sailing over long on this time. Third six on the trot and Ajmal's figures have taken a beating in this last over. 22 runs off the over!
Umar Gul to Yuvraj, out Caught by Shoaib Malik at straight down the ground!! This looked like another six as soon as it left the bat but Yuvraj had not timed this one too well. A full delivery from Umar Gul, Singh lofts it handsomely down the ground but Shoaib Malik takes a smart catch just inside the ropes at long off. That ends an absolutely blistering innings. Yuvraj c Shoaib Malik b Umar Gul 72(36) [4s-4 6s-7]
Umar Gul to Dhoni, out Bowled!! Just three runs from the over so far and Umar Gul gets his 4th wicket of the innings. It was a yorker outside off, Dhoni tries to slice it on the offside but gets a thick inside edge and the middle stump is uprooted. An excellent last over from Umar Gul. Dhoni b Umar Gul 33(23) [4s-4]
Umar Gul to Rohit Sharma, FOUR, so Rohit Sharma makes good use of the free hit. It was very full and outside off from Umar Gul. Sharma gets under it and slices it over Nasir Jamshed at deep point. One bounce and over the ropes. India finish with an imposing total.
Pakistan innings
Ishant to Shehzad, FOUR, width outside off and there comes the first boundary for Pakistan. Shehzad stays back and punches it nicely past point and all along the ground too
Bhuvneshwar to Nasir Jamshed, SIX, Nasir Jamshed has middled that very well. It did not seem so initially. He lofted a slower one over mid off. Rahane was racing back trying to take the catch but it lands well over the rope
Bhuvneshwar to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, full and outside off, Nasir Jamshed stays back and dabs it very late and past the fielder at short third man for a boundary. Very well done
Ishant to Shehzad, SIX, slightly short from Ishant and Shehzad launches this way into the stands over mid wicket. 99m! That's quite a blow from Shehzad and Pakistan are on their way
Ishant to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, full and on the middle and leg now. Jamshed gets under it and flicks it uppisly and down to the deep square leg fence. There was a big gap there and was quite a safe shot
Dinda to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, Dinda begins with a good length delivery outside off. Jamshed leans back and smashes it hard through cover for a boundary. Huge pressure on Dinda straightaway
Dinda to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, powerful hit again. On a good length and outside off. Jamshed played it with almost a flat bat but generated a lot of power. Mid off had no chance of cutting that off
Dinda to Shehzad, FOUR, there's the third boundary of the over. It was full and outside off from Dinda. Shehzad gets under it and slices it neatly over cover. A great start already for Pakistan
Ashwin to Nasir Jamshed, 2 runs, on the leg from round the wicket, Nasir Jamshed turns it gently through square leg for a couple
Raina to Shehzad, FOUR, the first boundary off a spinner in this innings. It was tossed up, Shehzad dances down the track and lofts it nicely straight down the ground for a much needed boundary
Ashwin to Nasir Jamshed, no run, catch dropped by Dhoni. A tough one but goes down as one nevertheless. Jamshed came down the track and tries to hoick it on the onside but gets a thin inside edge. It goes in and out of Dhoni's gloves
Ashwin to Nasir Jamshed, out Caught by Virat Kohli!! Nicely bowled by Ashwin and the pressure built up yields the wicket. The boundaries were not coming easily. Jamshed tries to loft this one on the offside. It was bowled much slower by Ashwin and Jamshed ends up slicing it softly to backward point. Kohli makes no mistake and India gets the much needed breakthrough. Nasir Jamshed c Virat Kohli b Ashwin 41(32) [4s-4 6s-1]
Yuvraj to Umar Akmal, SIX, Yuvraj is welcomed with a massive hit by Umar Akmal. He comes down the track early and smashes it well over the long on fence
Yuvraj to Shehzad, out Stumped!! Rush of blood and Shehzad pays the price. Yuvraj does the trick with the ball too. It was sliding on from round the wicket, Shehzad dances down to swing it hard on the onside but it shoots between bat and pad. Dhoni takes it neatly and finishes the easy stumping. Shehzad was stranded way down the track. The spinners have put India back in control. Shehzad st Dhoni b Yuvraj 31(29) [4s-3 6s-1]
Bhuvneshwar to Hafeez, FOUR, very neatly done by Hafeez. He reaches out outside off to paddle a full delivery over the man at short fine leg. It landes just inside the rope
Yuvraj to Hafeez, FOUR, very delicately done by Hafeez. It was fired in flat and on the off. Hafeez makes some room and dabs it very late. It almost grazes Dhoni's thigh, that's how fine it went and rolls into the ropes
Yuvraj to Umar Akmal, FOUR, Umar Akmal is turning it on here. This was hit with tremendous power. It was pitched up, Akmal dances down, gets to the pitch and drills it straight down the ground
Ashwin to Hafeez, SIX, first ball of Ashwin's last over and Hafeez puts some pressure on him. He goes outside the leg stump to loft this superbly over the man at deep mid wicket
Ashwin to Hafeez, SIX, Ashwin delivers after an extended pause. It was slightly short and on the leg. Hafeez backs away and sends it over the mid wicket fence once again. Superb batting this
Dinda to Hafeez, FOUR, gorgeous timing! The look on Kohli's face at long off after failing to stop it says it all. It was overpitched outside off and Hafeez just drove it with the most beautiful timing, it purred across the turf and though Kohli got a hand to it, he couldn't stop it
Dinda to Hafeez, FOUR, this is great batting! Hafeez knows exactly where the fielders are and is manipulating it brilliantly. Full outside off, Hafeez just bent down on one knee and then paddled it to the deep backward square fence. The pressure is back on Dinda and Dhoni goes up to him to have a word
Dinda to Hafeez, 1 run, to mid wicket, great inswinging yorker, that's the place to bowl, Hafeez can only inside-edge it to mid wicket
Ishant to Hafeez, SIX, this is getting better and better. Full outside off, Hafeez on a bent knee just lofted it flat over wide long off. It looked like a boundary initially, but it went all the way; great way to start the over
Dinda to Umar Akmal, out Bowled!! Now that will infuriate Hafeez even more. He should have been on strike but it's Umar Akmal and he misses a wild heave to a well disguised slower delivery from Dinda. The middle stump is knocked back and the crowd roar. Time for Boom Boom? Umar Akmal b Dinda 24(17) [4s-1 6s-1]
Dinda to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, Shahid Afridi has got off strike with a boundary first ball. Bad ball - short and on the stumps, Afridi just pulled it over mid wicket, there was no deep mid wicket and the ball raced away
Bhuvneshwar to Hafeez, FOUR, a wonderful fifty for the Pakistan skipper. 2nd fastest for Pakistan as well. This time he reads the slower delivery and flat bats it straight down the ground, bisects the two men on the fence, beating a desperate dive from long on. Will he take Pakistan home? That's the big question
Bhuvneshwar to Shahid Afridi, SIX, Blast Blast from Boom Boom! Bhuvneshwar is bowling too many slower ones and Shahid Afridi picks it, just lofts cleanly over long on - lots of height on that and when it came down it landed in the crowd
Bhuvneshwar to Shahid Afridi, out Caught by Rohit Sharma!! Big wicket! Low full toss outside off, Afridi hit it low and flat to long off where Rohit takes a smart catch. That should have been put into the crowd, but that's what pressure can do to you. Shahid Afridi c Rohit Sharma b Bhuvneshwar 11(5) [4s-1 6s-1]
Bhuvneshwar to Hafeez, FOUR, unbelievable cricketing sense from Hafeez. He saw that third man was brought in, knew the length was there to be playing that kind of a shot and expertly steered it to the right of a diving short third, had to beat point to his left and did that too. What batting and what composure from the Pak skipper
Dinda to Hafeez, out Caught by Raina!! That could well be the game! Good bowling, full and speared into leg stump, Hafeez failed to get under the ball which meant that he could only loft it without any timing or power to the right of Raina at long on who won't drop those. Dinda roars and the crowd does too - everyone knows how big a wicket that is. Hafeez c Raina b Dinda 55(26) [4s-6 6s-3]
Dinda to Kamran Akmal, FOUR, Pakistan won't give up! Kamran Akmal picks the slower delivery and waits for it, before slashing it square of the wicket on the off side where the sweeper isn't there. A boundary and that brings more pressure on Dinda
Dinda to Kamran Akmal, out Caught by Virat Kohli!! Kamran Akmal c Virat Kohli b Dinda 5(3) [4s-1]
Ishant to Umar Gul, FOUR, same ball but this time Umar Gul drilled it wide of cover. No chance for the sweeper. That keeps Pakistan in it, but just
Ishant to Umar Gul, out Caught by Rahane!! India win and there are jubiliant scenes all over at Ahmedabad. Umar Gul sliced the last delivery straight down the throat of sweeper cover and the crowd go mental. Umar Gul c Rahane b Ishant 5(5) [4s-1]
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