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Score: Sri Lanka 139-1 (19.5 ovs)
Sri Lanka vs India, 2nd ODI at Hambantota International Cricket Stadium, Hambantota
Complete  /  Sri Lanka won by 9 wkts  /   Toss: India (Batting)  / Date: Jul 24, 2012
India innings
Udana to Sehwag, FOUR, no stopping it this time. Lesson number 1 for Udana in international cricket: don't bowl short and wide to Sehwag. He goes on the backfoot and cuts it over point, too easy
Udana to Sehwag, FOUR, the over finally ends. Udana continues to bowl short and wide, Sehwag puts it away between point and cover this time. Just a backfoot punch but he timed it superbly, not the best of starts for Udana
Malinga to Gambhir, FOUR, superb shot. Not a very bad ball, a bit short and a bit wide, Gambhir goes on the backfoot quickly and cuts it wide of backward point for a boundary
Malinga to Gambhir, FOUR, Another four! Pitched up on the legs, Gambhir flicks it through mid wicket, back to back boundaries for Gambhir!
Thisara Perera to Sehwag, out Caught&Bowled!! Superb catch! Perera is a wonderful fielder and he has plucked a beauty off his own bowling. Sehwag comes on the frontfoot and tries to slap it straight down the ground, but the bat turns in his hands and he ends up playing a bit uppishly. It seemed to be going away from Perera but he threw himself to his right and took it inches off the ground. That's the first strike, and a big one. Sehwag c and b Thisara Perera 15(15) [4s-2]
Thisara Perera to Virat Kohli, out Caught by Sangakkara!! What has happened there? A bit of drama but ultimately Kohli has to go. Perera bowls this one outside off and gets it to straighten, Kohli plays away from the body and looks to steer it to third man, there was a sound as the ball passed the bat and the appeal was spontaneous and loud. But the umpire took his own time, looked passive as Perera and co appealed vociferously and then suddenly raised his finger. It looked like he gave it out because of the pressure created by the appeal, but I guess the right decision has been made. Kohli is unhappy, he finally fails against Sri Lanka. Virat Kohli c Sangakkara b Thisara Perera 1(5)
Mathews to Gambhir, FOUR, lovely shot! Mathews starts with a gentle loosener - an overpitched delivery on the off, Gambhir puts his frontfoot forward and drives it between the bowler and mid off
Mathews to Rohit Sharma, out Bowled!! A duck for Rohit Sharma! Nothing lethal about the delivery - a normal length delivery just outside off, Rohit plays a loose, lazy steer away from the body and tries to guide it towards point but only manages an inside edge onto his stumps. He is dejected as he walks back, it's yet another failure for him. India are in trouble now. Rohit Sharma b Mathews 0(5)
Thisara Perera to Raina, out Bowled!! Third wicket for Thisara Perera and he hasn't conceded a run yet! What a spell this is! Very similar to the Rohit Sharma dismissal - a good length delivery outside off, Raina looks to steer it to third man with the angle but chops it onto the stumps. India are stunned - 41/4 on a good batting track! Raina b Thisara Perera 1(5)
Thisara Perera to Dhoni, no run, catch dropped by Mathews! A sitter at 1st slip. Nearly the 4th wicket for Perera but Mathews has put down an easy chance! Loose shot from Dhoni too - is he going to attack his way out of trouble? Goes after this fullish delivery and tries to drive it through the off side, only manages an edge to 1st slip. Straight in and straight out of Mathews' fingers. How did he drop that?
Thisara Perera to Dhoni, FOUR, lovely shot. Not too full but he gets a good stride forward and drives it between the bowler and mid off, hit it powerfully and sent it to the ropes
Thisara Perera to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni looks positive. A good length delivery but Dhoni drives it on the up, places it between mid off and extra cover and times it well too. Udana gives chase and tries his best with a dive but can't pull it back
Thisara Perera to Gambhir, FOUR, good shot. A loose delivery and Gambhir puts it away, full and wide outside off, he reaches out and drives it past covers for a boundary
Mathews to Dhoni, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Another wicket, India lose half their side. A lovely delivery, and a loose shot. Pitches back of a length and nips in sharply, bounces a touch extra as well and cramps Dhoni for room, he was trying to punch it through point but got a thick edge. No need for umpires for this one, Dhoni walks and India slide further. Dhoni c Sangakkara b Mathews 11(16) [4s-2]
Malinga to Irfan Pathan, out Caught by Thisara Perera!! Soft dismissal, but wait. Is it a no ball? The third umpire is checking, it looks close but should go the bowler's way I guess. A small part of his foot was behind the line before it slided, so Pathan stays out. Now to the description: Pathan looks to flick this one off his pads but gets a leading edge to mid off. Simple catch, can't keep Perera out of action today. India's all-rounder is gone and Sri Lanka are into the tail now. Irfan Pathan c Thisara Perera b Malinga 6(19)
Malinga to Ashwin, FOUR, nearly gone! A lucky boundary for Ashwin. A yorker just outside off, he looks to jam it down but gets a thick edge which flies wide of Sangakkara, there was a man at slip but he was a bit too wide
Udana to Ashwin, FOUR, timing! Just a push but he has timed it well. Short and bouncing high outside off, Ashwin gets on top of it and plays a controlled steer wide of point, pretty close to the third man fielder but he didn't have a chance
Herath to Ashwin, FOUR, sloppy fielding! Tossed up on the off stump, Ashwin drives it hard straight to Dilshan at cover, who biazarrely lets it go right through his hands and the ball ends up at the fence between extra cover and long off
Herath to Ashwin, out Ashwin Run Out!! 2 runs completed. Is anyone even surprised? Ashwin is run out again. And in a very familiar fashion. He cuts this one wide of short third man and runs hard to get 2, turns blindly and starts running the 3rd before realising that Gambhir was not interested. He then tried to turn around and dive in but it was too late. Gambhir was not interested in the third run from the start and Ashwin has only himself to blame. He looked good while he was there, but his running has undone him again. Ashwin run out (Udana/Sangakkara) 21(15) [4s-3]
Herath to Zaheer, out Lbw!! Another wicket. Big drift for Herath - it's almost an inswinger! Comes in a long way from outside off, Zaheer tries to defend but plays down the wrong line, is struck in front of middle and leg. It would have gone on to clip the leg stump. India are headed towards a low total. Zaheer lbw b Herath 2(4)
Thisara Perera to Gambhir, 2 runs, FIFTY for Gambhir. Something for India to cheer about. Flicks this one off the pads to deep square leg for a couple. A good, fighting knock from him but his team-mates have let him down with poor strokeplay
Mathews to Ojha, out Caught by Sangakkara!! This time he edges it! Very similar to the previous delivery, only difference being the faint nick. Full and angled across again, Ojha pushes away from the body and edges it to Sanga. Sri Lanka are just a wicket away from finishing the innings. Ojha c Sangakkara b Mathews 5(18)
Mathews to Umesh Yadav, leg byes, FOUR, some bonus runs for India. Mathews sprays it down the leg side and Umesh gets some pad on it, it goes wide of Sanga and into the fine leg fence
Malinga to Gambhir, out Caught by Sangakkara!! What a catch! That sums up Sri Lanka's performance today - brilliant and sharp! Very full and wide outside off again, Gambhir looks to squeeze it out to third man, it goes off the face of the bat to the left of Sanga who dives and plucks it from the air. India all-out for 138. The scoreboard says it all. Gambhir c Sangakkara b Malinga 65(96) [4s-4]
Sri Lanka innings
Zaheer to Tharanga, FOUR, sweetly timed! Overpitched delivery from Zaheer outside off, Tharanga gets a good stride forward and drives through the line to send the ball along the ground to the long off fence
Irfan Pathan to Dilshan, 2 runs, comical stuff! Dropped! Full outside off, Dilshan flashes at it hard and the ball flies straight to Sehwag at 1st slip. Sehwag just puts his hands up rather lazily and the ball bursts through his fingers, worse still the batsmen pinch a couple
Zaheer to Tharanga, FOUR, beautiful shot! Full outside off, Tharanga drives it off the front foot through the line to the sweeper cover fence
Irfan Pathan to Tharanga, FOUR, picks the length early! Short outside off, Tharanga gets on top of the bounce and cuts it with ease to the sweeper cover fence
Zaheer to Tharanga, FOUR, bludgeoned! Full just outside off, Tharanga plonks his front foot forward and drives it with immense power through the line to long off for a boundary
Irfan Pathan to Tharanga, FOUR, slightly short outside off, Tharanga cuts it away off the back foot and the ball races to the sweeper cover fence
Umesh Yadav to Dilshan, FOUR, not the most warming welcome to the bowling crease! Full outside off, Dilshan drives it through the line and uses the aerial route to send the ball over the infield between extra cover and long off for a boundary
Umesh Yadav to Dilshan, FOUR, two in two! Umesh Yadav tries to correct his line and angles this one in towards middle and leg, Dilshan employs a wristy flick/drive to send the ball between midwicket and long on for another boundary
Zaheer to Dilshan, FOUR, full on the pads, Dilshan gets inside the line and flicks it away with utmost ease and brilliant timing to deep mid-wicket for a boundary
Ashwin to Dilshan, 1 run, pushed through on the pads, Dilshan clips it away to fine leg for a single. Dilshan has now scored 2000 runs against India, that's how often these two countries have played!
Zaheer to Tharanga, leg byes, FOUR, length delivery on the pads, Tharanga tries to flick it away but misses and the ball goes off the thigh pad, past a diving Dhoni, down to the fine leg fence
Zaheer to Tharanga, FOUR, exquisite drive! Full on the off stump, Tharanga gets onto the front foot and drives it with a straight bat past Raina at mid-off, to long off for a boundary. Raina got a hand to it but the ball still manages to roll along to the fence
Ashwin to Tharanga, 2 runs, short outside off, Tharanga cuts it off the back foot to deep backward point for a couple. The partnership between Tharanga and Dilshan is now 100. This is the 9th 100 plus partnership between these two in 57 innings
Umesh Yadav to Dilshan, FOUR, smashed! Short on middle and leg, Dilshan gets on top of the bounce and pulls it away with the wrists over the ball, to the backward square leg fence
Umesh Yadav to Dilshan, FOUR, fifty! Back of a length delivery on the off stump, Dilshan just waits on it and with brilliant hand eye co-ordination dispatches the delivery with a punch through the off side, the ball races away to the sweeper cover fence. That brings up his 27th ODI half century
Ashwin to Dilshan, out Caught by Dhoni!! Wow India actually take a wicket! Nice flighted off break on the off stump, turns back in to the right hander, Dilshan tries to go for the slog sweep but gets an inside edge that ballons up off the pad, Dhoni runs in front of the stumps and takes the catch quite easily. So Dilshan will not finish it off but he has done enough to see his side through. Dilshan c Dhoni b Ashwin 50(49) [4s-5]
Umesh Yadav to Tharanga, FOUR, nicely done! Tharanga uses the aerial route as he opens the face of the bat and punches a short and wide ball over the infield, to send the ball to the deep backward point fence. That brings up his 26th ODI fifty!
Umesh Yadav to Tharanga, FOUR, very lucky! Short outside the off stump, Tharanga goes for a half hearted pull and the ball goes off the top of the bat, over the keeper's head, to the boundary
Ojha to Chandimal, FOUR, loopy delivery outside off, Chandimal drives away from his body and gets a thick outside edge that goes past the man at 1st slip, down to the third man fence
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