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AAP asks Congress reasons for it giving 'unconditional support'

Saturday, 14 December 2013 - 7:39pm IST | Agency: ANI

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal met the Lt. Governor of Delhi on Saturday and asked for 10 days time to get clear and unambiguous answers from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress.

The AAP has sent letters, both to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and BJP Rajnath Singh asking them to clarify their stand on 17 issues, created by their previous governments.

The AAP said that there was nothing like an unconditional or issue based support, and the people of Delhi wanted a stable government, which could only be given when the stand of each party, who claimed to support or act as a responsible opposition, was completely clear.

They requested the leaders to state their position, unambiguously, on 17 issues, the same that we promised the people of Delhi and make them available to the country.

The AAP said that they wanted those who claim to provide unconditional support or be a responsible opposition to demonstrate accountability too, adding that it was time for them to walk the talk.

Some of issues are as follows:

1. Will they support the strong Lokayukta formation in Delhi

2. CAG audit of Electricity companies and strict action if any are found guilt

3. Reduction of electricity tariff

4. Coming down heavily on the water mafia including arrests & jail, to allow this stolen water to be available in Delhi.

5. Review of the electricity meter

6. Complete statehood for Delh

7. And others that directly affect the citizens of Delhi

Following is the English version of the letter that was written in Hindi by Arvind Kejriwal to Sonia Gandhi


Mrs. Sonia Gandh

National President, Congress Party

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

The Congress has decided to extent unconditional support to the AAP, but we never asked for your support in the first place. The AAP was in fact formed to do something about corrupt parties like the Congress and the BJP. Our party is the voice of the common man, and is formed by the common man. In such a scenario, how can the AAP join hands with the Congress or the BJP?

The Congress wants to lend unconditional support to our party but the people of Delhi want to know the reason and implications of this gesture

In the past fifteen years of Congress rule, the party has done nothing about a lot of issues and has only made the situation worse for the people. And now, that you are willing to lend unconditional support to us, what will be your take on these issues?

Today, politics has only become a medium to come to power in this country no matter what they have to do to get that. They have got nothing to do with the people but we are not in politics just for power. We are ordinary people and we just want a relief from the increasing price rise and corruption.

Because our party is based on truth and transparency, we are putting up this letter in the public domain. Whatever your answer will be to our letter, we will put it up in front of the public, and ask them if we can take your party's support or not. Also, please specify the reason for your support on each issue elaborately and truthfully.

We look forward to your reply

Arvind Kejriwal

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