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Once upon a time...

Friday, 9 November 2012 - 7:36pm IST | Agency: dna


Once upon a time, there was nothing. One day, that nothing turned into something. Nobody knows how it turned into something. Over millennia, that something became bigger and bigger until there was no beginning or end. The something, however, had no name for a long time.

Through the process of nothing became something, we had something called stars and planets coming into being. They spread far and wide. They were the final product of gasses mixing up at the right temperature and pressure and forming either a twinkling body or a mass that could be suspended in the middle of space. 

Somewhere in the middle of that, Earth was formed. When you compare it to the rest of something, the Earth is smaller than the dot on the letter i. For the lovers of new words, that dot is actually called a tittle, but that's another story. 

So, over the years, things happened on Earth resulting in man coming into being, It started with the Earth solidifying first after it was formed. The gasses present were not fit for human survival. But one day, the gases ended. Many organisms ceased to exist, but then a few smart ones realized that they could synthesize food using chlorophyll. They used the sun and released oxygen into the air. 

Millennia came and went. The dinosaurs came, saw, conquered and died. Then slowly, at the final stage, man was born. He discovered fire and invented the wheel tools and weapons that have gone through various stages of advancement over the centuries. He was curious and used his developed brain to answer his questions. And through this, he finally gave that something a name. A name that was so grand, something deserved it. It was called the Universe.

The Universe is everything. Thermodynamically speaking, it is the combination of a system and a surrounding. In space science, it is the stars, planets, asteroids, meteors. In biology, it is life on earth, the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. However, when you think of it, all of this is one and the same, but it is all the universe. 

That's what is so awesome about science. Unlike the finer arts, every branch is interconnected and arrives to the universe as a solution and proves that we are a minuscule factor in the larger scheme of things.