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LIVE IPL: Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings: Chennai breaks Wankhade jinx, defeat Mumbai by 4 wickets

Saturday, 10 May 2014 - 7:16pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna
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Mumbai vs Chennai Saturday, 10th May, 2014
20:00 hours, Mumbai

Mumbai Indians is languishing at the bottom half of the table while Chennai Super Kings is going really well, but still when these oppositions face Mumbai clearly have an edge over Chennai, especially in Mumbai where Chennai is trailing by 5-0 against Mumbai.

Current Table Standings- Mumbai 7th- Chennai 2nd

Mumbai is coming into this game with a victory and for Chennai coming to this game, they carry a defeat in their previous game.
Chennai Super Kings lost their first game and then went on to build a 6-match winning streak which was again halted by Punjab.

The Mumbai Indians are back to their fortress at Wankhade forgetting all the bad memories happened to them earlier, with two back to back wins, the Men in Blue is oozing with confidence, with some good display from Rohit Sharma with the bat and led by a good bowling attack from Malinga and Harbhajan. 

Now the Men in Yellow face Mumbai Indians whom they defeated with ease in the first leg played in UAE, where McCullum's unbeaten 71 set up an easy chase for them, but at the fortress Wankhade its not going to be a walk in the park for them. Dwayne Smith will be familiar with the conditions having played for Mumbai Indians for a while. Ravindra Jadeja will again look to come in between and trouble the opposition with his spin bowling.

Head to Head- Mumbai 9-7 Chennai

Last 5 games

Hello and welcome to our live covergae of the match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. The toss has taken place, MS Dhoni has won the toss and will field first

Delhi is witnessing rains as the match between Sunrisers Hyderbad and Delhi Daredevils has been interrupted many times, but its dry and humid in Mumbai.

Chennai make one change, Samuel Badree comes in place of Ben Hilfenhaus,Mumbai, meanwhile have made two changes, Lendl Simmons is in for Ben Dunk, and Praveen Kumar comes in for Pawan Suyal

MI : L. Simmons, C. Gautam (wk), A. Rayudu, R. Sharma (c), C. Anderson, K. Pollard, A. Tare, Harbhajan Singh, L. Malinga, J. Bumrah, P. Kumar

CSK: D. Smith, B. McCullum, S. Raina, F. Du Plesis, MS Dhoni (c/wk), R. Jadeja, M. Manhas, R. Ashwin, I. Pandey, M. Sharma, S. Badree



Simmons and Gautam will open the batting for MI, while debutant Badree to open the bowling 

20:06 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014


Badree, lenght bowl, defended straight to the bowler

Its interesting to see Dhoni giving the new ball to Badree who is playing his first game, so ime for him to settle down the nerves

Ishwar Pandey will share the new ball

FOUR, short and Simmons pulls it towards the long leg boundary, that was a loosener 

MI 8/0 (2) Simmons 6*- Gautam 1*

FOUR, outside edge, Gautam looking to cut gets a thick outside edge, ball runs away for four

FOUR, GOOD SHOT this time Gautam comes out of his crease and hammers the ball in the gap between covers and point

OUT, too ambitious, looks to sweep this time, gets a top edge and ball lands safely in the hands of McCullum at sqaure leg, he is gone for 9

Rayudu is the new batsman

Badree continues

SIX, tosseed up from the leggie, Simmons gets under it and swings it with the line over long-off boundary

SIX, MONSTER ! Simmons this time charges down the track and hits this time over long-on for a maximum, this was a big one

Pandey continues from the other end, into this third over

FOUR, Rayudu walks on the track and hits a wide ball beautifully over the covers boundary

SIX, DROPPED ! Rayudu looking to play the same shot again, walks down the track, and slices it hard, ball flies to Badree at third man, he let it bounce off hsi fingers and he parries it over the rope

MI 42/1 (6) Simmons- 20*- Rayudu 11* Run-rate: 7.00





 FOUR, WELCOME SIR ! width offered outside off, Simmons cuts it hard to the point boundary

No run, defended watchfully by Simmons

Good come back from Jadeja after being hit for a boundary, giving no runs, just 4 runs coming from this over


20:29 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mohit Sharma into the attack now

Good over from Mohit Sharma just 3 runs off the over

Jadeja continues

1 run, Rayudu drives it towards long on

No run, skids on to the pads, Simmons can't connect it

Just 5 singles from the over, Chennai squeezing the runs now

Strategic Time Out

After an early strike from debutant Badree, Simmons and Rayudu looked in shape as they took on the bowlers, but after the powerplay Chennai have put on sort of breaks on these two batsmen

MI 54/1 (9) Simmons 28*- Rayudu 15* Run rate: 6:00

So, finally we see Ashwin coming on

MI fans getting frustrated now with this current scoring rate


Jadeja into his third over

DROPPED, Rayudu is getting all the lives here, he goes inside out over covers, Manhas at the fence drops a sitter

SIX, DROP ME AND I'LL HIT YOU ! Jadeja bowls full and Rayudu sits on one knee and dispatches it over the deep midwicket boundary for a six, Manhas must be really kicking himself for that dropped catch now

Ashwin bowls

FOUR, EDGED AND FOUR ! Short and spinning from Ashwin, Simmons looks to cut gets an outside edge as the ball races towards the fence 

OUT, Simmons looking to clear the long-on fence, holes out to the fielder at the boundary, that shot lacked power and an innings of 38 from 38 balls comes to an end, Ashwin strikes one

In comes the skipper Rohit Sharma now for Mumbai

MI 78/2 (12) Rayudu 28*- Sharma 1*

20:55 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014


Ashwin's bowling strike rate against Mumbai is 45, the worst in IPL (since 2011), never the less he got a wicket here tonight

Badree into his last over

FOUR, Rayudu drives it down the ground towards long on, good effort from Faf in the field, but fails to stop the ball

Time Out

Mumbai needs to increase the scoring rate from here onwards now

Some advice for Rohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma now

FOUR,  Outside off and Rohit elegantly pushes it towards the point boundary, some poor effort from Ishar Pandey helps it to cross the rope

MI 99/2 (15) Rayudu 39*- Sharma 11* Run rate: 6.60

Mohit Sharma's strike rate in IPL is 13.60, the best among all (since 2011), though he is yet to take a wicket tonight

Ravindra Jadeja into his last over

SIX, BANG ! Rayudu uses his feet smartly and hits the ball over the long-on boundary, much needed boundary for Mumbai, they need more of those

Jadeja completes his spell, he's been expensive tonight and the good thing Mumbai did that they denied him a wicket

Mumbai 100 from 15 overs, with Pollard and Corey Anderson still to come, how much will they pile up?

Ashwin into his last over

OUT, HE STRIKES ! flatter on pads, Rohit strikes but doesn't really times it well, Raina takes a simple catch at deep midwikcet, he goes for 19

In comes Pollard

SIX, down the pitch and Rayudu sends it roaring towards the long on for a maximum, there's a half century for Rayudu

OUT, DANGERMAN POLLARD PERSIHES ON FIRST BALL ! Carrom ball from Ashwin, Pollard looks to strike this one into the orbit, Raina takes a good running catch at deep midwicket, gone for naught

Mohit Sharma now

OUT, EVEN MOHIT STRIKES, MI are self-iimploding,slwoer one, Rayudu heaves it towards the deep midwicket fielder, he never looked in control of the shot, he is out for 59

Corey Anderson and Tare on the crease now

FOUR, wide and tare chops it towards the point for four

FOUR, wide outside off again, and Tare smashes this one to the deep point for four, sweeper cover was nowhere in picture

MI 139/5 (19) 

21:25 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ishwar Pandey to bowl the last over

SIX, full in the slot for Anderson and he whips it over the covers for a flat six

SIX, full toss, Anderson slaps it over the midwicket fence, Jadeja has caught the ball but only after it went over the ropes, Umpire confirms and signals it a six

OUT, wicket off the last ball, Full toss, Tare tries to hit that over midwicket for six, but Faf near the ropes composes himself and takes a neat catch, Tare made 9 

MI 157/6 in 20 overs - Anderson 18*


Late strike helps Mumbai post a score above 150, scoring 58 runs in last 5 overs. 

Mumbai kept wickets intact but never push on the accelarators, and when they tried to do so they lost quick wickets in a flurry, Raydud anchored the innings with a good knock of 59 but MI needed him to stay till the end, Chennai bowlers barring the last 5 overs, were very economical espcially Ashwin 3/30 was the pick of the bowlers.

157 isn't a bad score considering Mumbai's bwoling attack but it isn't a good score either keeping in mind Chennai's batting line-up, so can Mumbai maintain their home-run against Chennai or will Chennai break the jinx tonight, cahse begins in couple of minutes

Some CSK fans are hopeful tonight


21:49 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014

Welcome back for the chase, Dwayne Smith and McCullum come out to bat for CSK while Praveen Kumar has the new ball

FOUR, fuller outside off, Smith powers it over mid-off for four

Dwayne Smith's has the best batting average inside powerplay of 71.50 (sicne 2011)

FOUR, OFF THE OUTSIDE EDGE !  good length outside off, Smith looks todrive gets an edge, past slip for four

Lasith Malinga to bowl from the other end



Good stuff just two runs from the over

Malinga has the best strike rate for all the bowlers playing at home, his strike rate at Wankhade is 13.85 (sicne 2011)

CSK 16/0 (3) McCullum 2*- Smith 14* Required rate: 8.35

Bumrah comes in

SIX, WELCOME YOUNG FELLOW ! Greetings from McCullum as he steps out of hsi crease and swings it towards long on boundary

FOUR, width offered, and McCullum carves it towards the backward point with full force

Bumrah's bowling average 1st innings- 19  2nd innings 37, so clearly he struggles bowling in 2nd innings (since 2011)

OUT, LBW Praveen Kumar strikes, bowls on leg stump, McCullum misses while heaving it towards leg side, it hits him on pads, replays show that it would have missed the leg stump, poor decision, but Mumbai get the breakthrough, dangerman gone for 13

Abhishek has something else to say on that decision

Raina is the new batsman

FOUR, wrong channel to the new batsman, on pads, Raina clips towards the sqaure leg boundary

CSK 34/1 (5) Raina 5*- Smith 14* Required rate: 8.26

22:14 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bumrah to continue

Yorker, Raina defends it back to the bowler

good comback from him, just 4 runs from this over

End of Powerplay

Harbhajan Singh now

Mumbai slowly pushing the required rate up after the wicket of McCullum, though a long way to go in this game, but these dot balls mount pressure

OUT, Pollard removes Raina, down the leg side as Raina was out of his crease, smart stumping done by Gautam, Raina gone for 19

Sorry for the technical error, back live now

DuPlesis has joined Smith in the chase now, Smith has steadied himself and is looking dangerous now, he his into his groove now, hitting MI bowlers out of the park

SIX, Smith coonects this one and it sails over the midwicket boundary for a maximum

Harbhajan finishes his spell 4-0-22-0

CSK 92/2 (13) Smith 44*- DuPlesis 12*

CSK require 66 runs from 42 balls

PK bowling his last over

SIX, length ball Smith powers it for six towards midwicket

OUT, same ball, same shot but wrong outcome, he holes it this time to the fielder, gone for a well played 57, Smith has now scored 5 fifties in IPL

33 required from 24 balls

MI needs more wickets

Slinger Malinga now

OUT, BOWLED ! trademark Malinga, slower yorker into the block hole, Faf gets decieved , gone for 31

CSK 131/4 (17) Jadeja 0*- Dhoni 2*

27 runs required from 18 balls


Bumrah into his last over

FOUR, this eases the pressure, short and Jadeja pulls towards midwicket

23:17 IST Saturday, 10 May 2014

17 runs required from 12 balls

This is going to be the most crucial over to be bowled by Malinga

MI would expecting another of those tight over from Malinga and a wicket or two will make it more interesting, but question remains who will bowl the last over, Pollard has 2 remaining while Corey Anderson has three, rest all of the bowlers have finished their quota of overs

OUT, widish yorker and Jadeja chops back it on the stumps, Malinga has provided the breakthrough

RUN-OUT, inswinging yorker from Malinga, inside edge and it runs away to fine leg, Manhas comes back for second and is clearly short of his crease, 1 run completed but a wicket falls

Another excellent over from Malinga, no boundaries conceeded just 6 runs and a wicket

11 to win from 6

Oh, Sudeep you gotta chose one


Pollard will bowl the last over, it is important for Chennai that captain Dhoni remains on strike

He starts off with a wide

Dhoni cuts to the point and get 2 runs

SIXXXXXX!!!! Dhoni sends Pollard over the deep midwicket, this surely must be the game for Chennai now

2 required from 4 balls

FOUR, GAME OVER , short and wide, slapped away to point boundary to finish off it in style


This is the first time that Chennai have defeated Mumbai at Wankhade. The chase went closer than we all expected, as Chennai was crusing courtesy to Smith and DuPlesis, Malinga ensured that Chennai should have every reason to panic with some quick wickets at the dearth, however, Mr. Cool at other end took it to the last over and did it what he has been doing it over the years, and finishing the game in style.

Batting earlier, Mumbai did well, however, I probably feel that they were 15-20 runs short here, they accelerated in last few overs, if they would have done it from the initial level, the score could have been more, anyways Chennai bowlers also did really well to check them and ensured that the score doesn't get out of the reach when they come out to chase.

Mumbai has again gone to back foot now with this defeat, after two back to back wins, this is wound comes as more painful for them, while Chennai has every reason to smile as they continue their good run, having lost just 2 games.

Dwayne Smith is the Man of the Match

Final Score: Chennai Super Kings 160/6 in 19. 3 overs (Smith 57- Malinga 2/15) beat Mumbai Indians (Rayudu 59- Ashwin 3/30) by 4 wickets 

That's all from tonight, this is Uzair Hasan Rizvi, signing off, have a good night !