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Dear Narendra Modi, here's what the people of Jammu and Kashmir expect from you

Monday, 2 June 2014 - 8:14pm IST | Agency: dna

At the outset, let me congratulate you for your stupendous victory in the Lok Sabha Elections, 2014. People gave their mandate to you and I hope you’ll leave no stone unturned in delivering your promises. If that happens then it means ‘acche din aa gye’.

Let me draw your attention to my state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)—a state with pathetic infrastructure since Independence. Since there are no big private company with major employement opportunities, people from my state migrate to big cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai etc to earn their bread and butter. Apart from this, there are other issues like shortage of power and lack of good colleges in technical, medical and management streams. People like me, left our native place for pursuing higher education, then started working there, and finally settled in a new state. 

Modiji, if you will request for data from J&K Board of School Education or from Jammu University then you’ll realise how a large number of students have migrated to other cities to pursue higher education. I know many people will counter this by stating that J&K is not the only state that sees students migration to metro cities. 

And while migration is good for exposure and to learn new things, in our case it’s all about constraint and not exposure. Now this constraint becomes an obligation, which means we ought to migrate out of our state to have a luxurious career. Modiji, is it possible to have an affluent career in J&K?

People of J&K are not leaving for exposure. ‘Exposure’ is for people in the metro cities who are taking jobs in other cities or abroad. But for people from J&K ‘exposure’ comes second. First, it is always a compulsion for us to go out of the state; and if we start earning, well, then comes time for exposure. By the time we get settled in our new environment, our parents look for us to come back.

Power crisis is also one of the major issues. Power cuts, especially in summer, are very frequent. However, now that assembly elections are around the corner, I am sure Omar Adbullah will give us a pleasant summer by ensuring less power cuts. Yes, elections sop.

Most of the time the electric voltage remains in a ‘single phase’ and to set it up to higher power, there is a transformer in each household in J&K. To be honest, I have never seen this "transformer concept" in any other state, and I have stayed in 3-4 different cities. Modiji, is it possible to make J&K a transformer free city in each household and have exiguous power cuts?

Terrorism is another major concern. Since I do not have expertise on security issues, I’ll leave it to you to handle it with equal importance. Even as I write this, news reports statethat you have already started working for the resettlement of exiled Kashmiri Pandits back in Kashmir with provided security. If this is true, then certainly you have started a new era with a brave step with innings with a ‘sixer’. 

Maybe the pathetic infrastructure in our state is due to security issues or friendly business policies or whatever is the reason behind it. But we know you are capable of surpassing these hurdles and emerge as a clear winner, and this is what we expect from you—to develop our state.