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Changing Narratives : Towards 2014

Thursday, 14 February 2013 - 8:27pm IST | Agency: DNA


With the elections slated for March 2014 nearing, the entire narrative around Mr Narendra Modi is being transformed, from being called a divisive figure to being termed an authoritarian politician who’ll impinge on our every fundamental right, the so called left liberal folks have realized their inability to convince the Indian public at large that Narendra Modi is divisive and have realized a need to change strategies, and scare much of India’s “Middle Classes” into believing Narendra Modi would be nearly as terrible as Indira Gandhi was.


Where Narendra Modi has worked hard and has come up the hard way from being a sincere RSS pracharak to the Chief Minister of one of India’s fastest growing states and winning elections, Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister simply due to her lineage (though its true, Nehru would never have wanted dynasty politics in India) and playing the poverty card. Where Narendra Modi is fighting dynasty politics, Indira Gandhi perpetuated a dynasty politics and made the congress her personal fiefdom.


For someone to believe that a person as pro-business as Narendra Modi could be anything near Indira Gandhi, who nationalized much of India’s banking and industrial sector is ridiculous.  But that’s exactly what India’s academia believe, in conversations with a few professors at some of India’s elite social science Universities, many voiced concern that Narendra Modi wouldn’t be the best choice for this country, and one academic (who I generally tend to have much respect for) even suggested the name of Sheila Dixit as a PM candidate by the congress. I wasn’t quite sure if I should laugh or weep for my country?

  For far too long, India’s middle classes have taken the Congress party’s ridiculous statements on it being a “secular” party, a party for the common man and by extension a party that takes care of India’s middle class citizenry, and in recent times a party for India’s youth. But thanks to the emergence of social media and some very intrepid media personalities it’s obvious, that the Congress party is none of those and is really there to fill up the coffers of those that worship the royal family. Will India wake up?



The views expressed here are personal and not of the newspaper.