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Ryan Guzman: He’s sexy and he knows it!

Monday, 9 July 2012 - 12:45pm IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

He’s the hottest thing we’ve seen in a while, and Hollywood is all excited about their favourite new dancer!

He’s the hottest thing we’ve seen in a while, and Hollywood is all excited about their favourite new dancer! Ryan Guzman might be making his debut in the upcoming edition of the Step Up franchisee, but this baseball player seems as confident as a star. DNA caught up with the hottie and here’s what we spoke about…

You’re more famously known as a ‘hot male model’ — how did you decide to take up a dance movie?
For me it has always been about changes in life. I went to Sierra College, in Rocklin, California and I was a big baseball player. Getting into major league baseball was always my dream — to become a left-handed pitcher for the Yankees. That’s what I was hoping for, but life kind of went the other way. After hurting my arm and being through surgery, I had to venture out and do other things and now I am an actor! That’s how Step Up Revolution happened.

This would be your first film — how excited are you about the experience of being a part of such a popular franchise and being the male lead at that?
I was very nervous as I had never danced before, but it was fabulous experience. I have tried to do my best in the movie, as much as possible! All my moves in the movie are done by me, no body doubles and you have to realise I am no professional dancer, so I was pretty excited!

How comfortable are you with the ‘eye candy’ tag and how do you deal with it?
I can’t really comment on the comfort part as I have never heard anyone really say that to my face, so I have been spared those embarrassing situations — but, yes, I often get to hear that I have a cute and ‘innocent’ face (laughs). I believe in myself and I am a very competitive and hard working person, so it really doesn’t affect me in anyway.

Step Up Revolution sees you opposite the gorgeous Kathryn McCormick — how was it working with someone as talented as her?
That girl can dance like no one! Working with her has taken my dancing to a different level — from being a regular dancer to being a little more professional.

You have a huge male fan following. What do you think about all these men who can’t seem to get enough of you?
I think I have a lot male fans or followers and that’s probably because I modelled for some ‘male’ brands like Calvin Klein. But why do all these guys find me attractive? I have no clue! (smiles)

While the Step Up franchisee has its regular and almost captive set of audiences, what do you think would be the one thing that people should come and watch Step Up 4 for?
The movie is high in energy and really cool choreography. No more battling in this franchise, it’s more about performance art now, so it kind of expands dance related sequences in general. We are bringing back the story plot too; the story line of the whole movie is really good. It’s really exciting and that’s why I think people should come and watch this one — it’s different.

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