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Now tigers in Mysore Zoo will have their share of sunshine

Thursday, 15 November 2012 - 1:23pm IST | Place: Mysore | Agency: dna

Kraal area will be opened tomorrow.

The Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, which is also known as Mysore Zoo, will have a happier group of tigers, All nine of them will have their share of sunshine, shade and romping area and they can also eat their meal in privacy without visitors making all kinds of sounds and gestures at them while they nibble at their lunch. The new kraal area is ready to be operational and all the tigers will be out from November 16.

Thanks to the initiative taken up by the zoo authorities, all the tigers will now have their share of seasons in the sun and will be able to roll in the water and climb up the wooden platform. “Till now, of nine tigers, only two per day alternatively used to enjoy outing in the tiger paddock. All others used to cool their heels inside their caged enclosures. This made them sick and lazy. Naturally, they like to roam in the sun, cool off in the ponds, chase each other and romp around. But due to the lack of space, only one compatible pair of tigers was allowed inside the moated area while others got their turn only in five-six days which was not desirable,” said M Nanjundaswamy, chairman of the Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK).

Outlining the features of the new facility, BP Ravi, executive director of the zoo, said as per the Recognition of Zoo Rules and guidelines issued by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), day kraal is must for all zoo inmates. The CZA has advised Mysore Zoo authorities to have day kraal facilities for tigers and directed them to avoid the exposure of feeding rooms for public viewing. In accordance with the suggestions, four day kraals have been constructed at the rear end of the tiger house. The kraals are constructed by retaining tree growth, as tigers love the shade to cover them during the noon hours. Tigers can be released to the day kraal area directly from the holding rooms. Safety measures are put in place and public will not be allowed to enter the safety zone.
The zoo authorities are also planning to release two compatible pairs into the moated area for public view. The area will be bifurcated by a 10-metre high structure to keep the two pairs separately. However, visitors will be able to see them freely.

ZAK has also put its foot down against the proposal to demolish the old heritage building that holds the tigers. “The building was built by the Maharaja of Mysore and gives a distinct appearance to the zoo. We have strengthened the building and made it hygienic and congenial to house the tigers” said Nanjundaswamy.

All these years, the tigers have been fed red meat in front of the visitors which the CZA objected to. Henceforth, the tigers will be fed in the kraal area, away from public view.

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