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Swarna Rajagopalan

  • Six months on, here's a wishlist to the Narendra Modi government

    Gender parity, misogyny and disaster management are issues that need to be top on the new government's priority

    Wednesday, 26 November 2014 - 7:00am
  • Home Ministry on Section 498-A: Justice in the times of 'disgruntled wives'

    The Home Ministry has advised state governments that Section 498-A is being misused and therefore, arrests under this section should be undertaken only after due investigation. Such an advisory evokes two immediate responses. First, for people who work in the area of gender violence awareness, '...

    Sunday, 26 October 2014 - 10:44pm
  • What makes people commit violence against women? World Bank report tries to find out

    Last week, an important resource on violence against women was placed in the public domain without fanfare. "Violence against Women and Girls: Lessons from South Asia" is the kind of study NGOs and academics in the region wish they could undertake. But it takes the resources of the World Bank to...

    Tuesday, 23 September 2014 - 1:17pm
  • Gender issues and disaster management: Why women must be included in the rehabilitation process

    Notes on disasters and gender for the compassionate citizen

    Tuesday, 16 September 2014 - 12:35pm
  • Voices from Kandhamal: The life-shattering impact of communal violence on women

    Last week, an extraordinary book was released in Bhubaneswar and Kandhamal. It was commissioned by the National Alliance of Women - Odisha, after every visiting fact-finding team post the Kandhamal communal violence mentioned sexual and gender-based violence but was unable to document its...

    Saturday, 6 September 2014 - 1:50pm
  • Nawaz Sharif, Narendra Modi and the art of making friends

    The human interest stories that surround public events are as revealing as official communiqués, and in an age when leaders and those around them tweet as they go, they take surprising turns. The swearing in ceremony of the new government, for instance, was already a foreign policy event with the...

    Monday, 9 June 2014 - 3:32pm
  • The uncomfortable question of gender equality in Narendra Modi's cabinet

    How many women will join the Narendra Modi Council of Ministers, and what percentage will they constitute of the whole? Moreover, what will the number and percentage be for each rank in the Council – Cabinet, Minister of State and Deputy Minister? When you read this, we will likely know the answers...

    Tuesday, 27 May 2014 - 4:00pm
  • The morning after Elections 2014 concluded

    All of yesterday’s excitement, its highs and lows, its emotion, are behind us. It doesn’t matter who you or I voted for, and perhaps it doesn’t even matter who won—this was a free and fair election, and the meaning of democracy is that sometimes your side wins and sometimes it loses. Many of us...

    Saturday, 17 May 2014 - 12:42pm
  • Lok Sabha elections: Reflections on voting and conflict

    As we have completed each phase of the 2014 Parliamentary elections, we have been almost competitive about voter turnout. Which city or state fared best, who had the highest percentage earliest in the day?

    Wednesday, 14 May 2014 - 3:08pm
  • Lok Sabha elections: The stability delusion

    As election fever overtakes early summer temperatures, the word “stability” buzzes around us. Many, many of my friends (the Facebook kind) are going to vote for stability and strong government. The yearning for stability is alive and well in our hearts, I see. Living in an age where from the large...

    Tuesday, 8 April 2014 - 4:57pm