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Shaili Chopra

  • On Narendra Modi's visit to Japan, will Shinzo Abe's golf diplomacy be on display?

    The Japanese are about relationships and prime minister Narendra Modi's visit is high on the soft signals over talking shop. Work may definitely get done but the second track of symbolic gestures is headlining what appears to be a new equation in the regional game. Narendra Modi and Abe hugged each...

    Monday, 1 September 2014 - 10:20am
  • Can India Inc do an 'Ice-bucket challenge?

    Since everyone is talking about it, I thought my column TeeOff must touch upon it. After all the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was started by a golfer. What seemed to have started between cousins took in CEOs, athletes, statesman, actors and politicians. For some it was ice cubes, others ice-cold water...

    Monday, 25 August 2014 - 5:17am
  • How Sukumar Rajah of Franklin Templeton is swinging between golf and markets

    For the longest time he was familiar with only one kind of swing…that of stock markets. Of late he has learnt a few good things about the other kind – that on a golf course. Luckily both pursuits are bearing fruit for Sukumar Rajah of Franklin Templeton.

    Monday, 18 August 2014 - 4:19am
  • #IndependenceDay: Why people need to embrace Narendra Modi's digital vision as their own

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first Independence Day speech highlighted the extremes that India represents. We don’t have toilets for women, garbage collection is a national issue, but indeed, we are a country that’s significantly wired into the digital revolution. And in big numbers. 

    Friday, 15 August 2014 - 4:47pm
  • Swing, stance and steadiness – Narendra Modi's 100-day report card as seen in golf

    When Tiger Woods was in India, this gentleman was one of those passionate fans walking with him through the course and making careful notes of his swing and stance. For the golfer in Didar Singh, secretary general of FICCI, he knew the game in India had come of age with Tiger's arrival in the...

    Monday, 11 August 2014 - 6:53am
  • Will Narendra Modi deliver a birdie this Independence Day?

    That expectations are riding high on the Indian economy is evident from the periodic research reports that pour in every other day, India is at the cusp of possibly a better growth and a stronger global presence. Reforms are expected to revitalise real investment growth to 10% per annum, lifting...

    Monday, 4 August 2014 - 6:25am
  • What golf says about an economy

    Monday, 28 July 2014 - 7:30am
  • Golf teaches you patience, planning

    The budget has put focus on the economy once again. The brick and mortar old economy businesses need to come back into play with capacities being put to use, fresh projects taking off and pending ones wrapping up. It's the conversation of all times and places right now -- when can India return to...

    Monday, 21 July 2014 - 8:03am
  • Budget attempts to cover the divots

    This budget needed to repair the economy. Building on sentiment lift moods, bring in relief for the middle classes and give hope to the industry.

    Monday, 14 July 2014 - 7:23am
  • Cultural changes far bigger than budget sops from new government

    He keeps it straight – on the course and about the economy. This time for the budget, Pramod Bhasin is sticking his neck out to seek a change. Bhasin like everyone else has big hopes but doesn't want a list of tax sops. Instead he says "this government has a chance to make a real and profound...

    Monday, 7 July 2014 - 6:15am