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Sarah Farooqui

  • Badaun gang-rape highlights the dire necessity of sanitation and police reforms

    Yet again, we find ourselves in the midst of a tale of barbaric gang-rape and murder. Two Dalit teenage girls in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh, on their way to the open fields at night (because of the lack of bathrooms), are repeatedly raped and murdered, hanged from a mango tree. The...

    Monday, 2 June 2014 - 7:10pm
  • At the end of the day, does our vote really matter?

    There is a line in L Frank Baums The Marvelous Land of Oz that rings true for India this week – “Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” For the last two years, Indians were waiting with baited breath for 2014. Elections in any country spell multiple things. They make democracy palpable. They...

    Thursday, 15 May 2014 - 7:40pm
  • Reforming the juvenile (homes) first

    Monday, 2 September 2013 - 9:06pm
  • PSF, Pakistan and Policing

    To create a sense of security for her citizens, India has to implement Police Reforms

    Thursday, 22 August 2013 - 7:07pm