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Naini Setalvad

  • 6 healthy substitutes for white sugar

    For most of us a meal is not complete without a dessert. However, the white sugar added to these desserts can lead to a variety of health conditions such as an increase in blood sugar levels, heart disease, and weight gain. The best way of keeping our blood sugar levels constant is to cut down on...

    Saturday, 7 February 2015 - 11:00am
  • Eating out right: Plums

    Plums are an excellent source of vitamin A; vitamin K and vitamin C. Plums are zero in fat, saturated fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free.

    Saturday, 10 July 2010 - 11:50am
  • The speciality of jamuns

    Jamuns or jambools are the fruits you usually find at your local fruitwallas stall with the onset of the monsoons.

    Saturday, 19 June 2010 - 3:01pm
  • Eating out right

    While eating rice, one must always remember to accompany in with a sizable amount of vegetables.

    Saturday, 12 June 2010 - 1:07pm
  • Eating out right: Cherries

    To begin with, the bright red of the cherries lend a hand to better health. Cherries contain beta carotene, which is present in all reddish-orange fruits and vegetables, like carrots and pumpkins. Beta Carotene is a type of vitamin A.

    Saturday, 5 June 2010 - 2:22pm
  • Eating out right

    Like all fruits, pomelos are a perfect summer food, since they are cooling and high in natural sugar that replace salts which are lost due to summer heat

    Saturday, 22 May 2010 - 12:26pm
  • Tomato talk

    Its high water content keeps a person refreshed for a longer while just after having even one tomato.

    Saturday, 17 April 2010 - 10:30am
  • How about some 'kairi'?

    Raw mangoes are extremely appealing to your taste as well as your health.

    Saturday, 3 April 2010 - 11:18am
  • Eating out right: Curry leaves

    Curry leaves are extremely high in Vitamin C, They therefore help clean up your blood, leaving your skin with a fresh glow, you hair with more luster and your eyes with brilliance.

    Friday, 5 March 2010 - 11:59pm
  • An apple a day

    Naini Setalvad talks about the health benefits of the apple and how the old adage 'An apple a day keeps a doctor away' holds true.

    Friday, 29 January 2010 - 5:59pm