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Mayank Vahia

  • The difference between being educated, learned and qualified

    The most important contribution of education to one’s life is the ability to think in a disciplined manner, to separate chaff from facts and to differentiate between logical thinking and arguments.

    Friday, 8 May 2015 - 8:00pm
  • Have we pushed nature to unleash its fury?

    Delicate, sensitive yet all enduring and reliable, we have really pushed the earth's tolerance to a limit where it may no longer be able to bear the weight of the human race.

    Saturday, 25 April 2015 - 8:40pm
  • When life throws an exam at you

    No syllabus of formal examination teaches us how to fight the dynamic war that we call living.

    Wednesday, 8 April 2015 - 9:45pm
  • Make In India: Why affordable education is a must

    Making education expensive by reducing funding, letting private players exploit it for financial gains and ideologues hijack it to find cheap cannon fodder would be disaster.

    Monday, 30 March 2015 - 10:30pm
  • The evolution of language

    When you think of it, I think it is a miracle that we can talk and listen.

    Saturday, 14 March 2015 - 8:00am
  • Why a library is no different from a 'Madhushala'

    Take any path and if you walk long enough, you will meet your madhushala.

    Tuesday, 27 January 2015 - 6:25pm
  • How do you judge historical science?

    All kinds of claims are being made about the scientific achievements of our ancestors and a huge variability of the period in which they lived is routinely proposed. No one on either side of the argument was present at the time when the claimed events occurred or did not occur. So how do you...

    Wednesday, 7 January 2015 - 2:35pm
  • Cry my beloved science, cry my beloved country

    I have been a research scientist for the past 35 years and seen the movement of the country from secular, forward looking nationalist with a slight inferior complex to a disproportionately aggressive country demanding attention out of tune with its demonstrated capabilities in science. 

    Monday, 5 January 2015 - 3:10pm
  • ESA's Rosetta Mission: A decade long quest for the keys to the universe

    Recently a space mission called Rosetta, sent by the European Space Agency(ESA) more than ten years ago, has created a lot of excitement amongst scientists. It is extraordinary for its technological audacity and its brilliant performance as well as its promise of some truly magnificent data about...

    Saturday, 29 November 2014 - 11:25am
  • If humans were to disappear from Earth, how long will nature take to wipe out all evidence?

    Someone has speculated that if all human beings were to be buried together, we would need a coffin roughly one kilometre in each dimension. This one cubic kilometre of humans has had a long and enduring impact on the Earth, whose atmosphere alone has a volume of 182 billion cubic kilometre (and 7,...

    Sunday, 9 November 2014 - 5:15pm