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Jacinta Kerketta

  • Why elections in Jamshedpur were different this time

    A significant part of the Jamshedpur parliamentary constituency, around 1.5 lakh people, lives in slums. These mostly comprise tribals, Dalits and people from other backward communities. The people here have always voted, but their situation has never changed.  In these Lok Sabha elections, people...

    Monday, 12 May 2014 - 1:11pm
  • Jharkhand: Will people from the grassroots win from Khunti?

    The Khunti parliamentary constituency has had a memorable past. This was where the brave Birsa Munda carried out his struggle. He was born in Khunti. It was here that he started his rebellion against the British. People of Jharkhand consider him to be a god. The people of Jharkhand are proud of a...

    Thursday, 17 April 2014 - 11:57am
  • With candidates like Shibu Soren and Babulal Marandi, is Jharkhand at the precipice of change?

    Jharkhand’s Dumka constituency in the Santhal Pargana division has given the state many of its chief ministers – including Babulal Marandi, Shibu Soren and the incumbent, Hemant Soren. Several other ministers also hail from the region. For the ongoing Lok Sabha elections political parties have...

    Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 9:36am
  • Why Jharkhand does not want to be Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

    At a recent campaign rally in Jharkhand, Narendra Modi slammed every other party for the pathetic condition of the state, ignoring the fact that it had a BJP government till last year. 

    Saturday, 29 March 2014 - 10:00am