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Gaurav Kapoor

  • Goodbye Prime Minister Manmohan Singh! Hope history is kinder to you than the present

    I first met Manmohan Singh in Rashtrapati Bhawan when I had just finished school. I was all of 18-19 years old and as part of a function I was in the President’s House and sitting in the front row waiting for the event to start. A man in a stark white kurta-pyjama and a blue turban came and sat two...

    Wednesday, 14 May 2014 - 1:14pm
  • Narendra Modi vs Priyanka Gandhi: Mannerisms vs perceptions

    They say politics is just a game. Be the player rather than the played. A large part of this game is managing people and you can really hone your HR skills but a big chunk of the politics is managing perceptions. The art lies in managing a positive perception of yourself by the people and creating...

    Saturday, 3 May 2014 - 2:23pm
  • Why Narendra Modi may lose Phoolan Devi’s former constituency of Mirzapur?

    Varanasi maybe the hottest Lok Sabha seat in the on-going polls in India, but one should look at seats around Varanasi, as well. The seats that border the holy city will also be affected by the so called ‘Modi Wave’. So, in the first of its kind, we focus on Phoolan Devi’s former constituency,...

    Thursday, 1 May 2014 - 6:48pm
  • Should Arvind Kejriwal have chosen Vadodara to contest Lok Sabha polls, not Varanasi

    Arvind Kejriwal, the activist turned politician will file his nomination papers from Varanasi on Wednesday. There is sure to be a crowd of his young supporters from New Delhi, Lucknow and a few from Varanasi as well. And he will surely file for his candidature with a heavy heart, knowing well the...

    Wednesday, 23 April 2014 - 2:20pm
  • Narendra Modi ji, as you file your nominations Varanasi has a few questions

    The Lok Sabha seat of Varanasi has become the most talked about campaign seat in general elections of 2014. Every day we read articles that extoll Varanasi and its spiritual virtues depending on which side of the political spectrum you fall on. The Hindutva or the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb, is liberally...

    Sunday, 20 April 2014 - 4:43pm