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  • Open letter to the next PM: Defence preparedness crucial for the next government

    On May 16, the election results will be out. No matter who forms the government, the next prime minister will face serious policy issues. dna features a series of open letters addressed to the next prime minister written by experts in various fields. These will act as important inputs in the policy...

    Saturday, 10 May 2014 - 6:00am
  • It can boil down to Nawaz Sharif vs Imran Khan

    There is little doubt that when Pakistan's history is written, the credit for this achievement will be given to an unlikely hero: its much reviled president Asif Ali Zardari.

    Tuesday, 23 April 2013 - 6:34am
  • A show of misplaced solidarity sours ties with Colombo

    On March 15, India backed a US-sponsored resolution in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which expressed concern at "continuing reports of human rights violations, extra-judicial killings, torture and violations of the rights of freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly" in Sri...

    Thursday, 28 March 2013 - 10:00am
  • Kayani, not Gilani

    Where will the Indo-Pak dialogue lead when real power is still with the Pak army?

    Wednesday, 5 May 2010 - 12:14am
  • For a friendly neighbour

    Overcoming formidable hurdles, Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League swept to a decisive electoral victory in December 2008, winning 230 seats and securing a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

    Thursday, 14 January 2010 - 10:12pm
  • Taming the dragon

    The entire problem of border intrusions today arises from the fact that China wishes to keep its options open.

    Thursday, 17 September 2009 - 8:40pm
  • On the brink

    India’s entire South Asian neighbourhood is engulfed by political turbulence and violence, with a growing Chinese propensity to fish in troubled waters.

    Tuesday, 5 May 2009 - 9:23pm
  • Pakistan’s future

    Not only did Sharif try to divide the judiciary, but he also encouraged goons from his ruling PML led by his information minister Mushahid Hussein to attack the SC.

    Tuesday, 17 March 2009 - 8:24pm
  • Nuclear bazaar

    In his memoirs, written while facing a death sentence, Pakistan prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto revealed that an important reason for Pakistan developing nuclear weapons

    Tuesday, 17 February 2009 - 11:14pm
  • Nuclear bazaar

    The ideological belief about a Pakistan bomb forging Islamic solidarity, has profoundly affected the mindset of Pakistan’s politicians.

    Sunday, 15 February 2009 - 9:25pm