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Firoz Bakht Ahmed

  • Muslim voices of sanity need to be heard

    Lack of political will, weak intelligence, inadequate laws, poor enforcements and political mud slinging, result again and again in tragedies of the kind at now Hyderabad and at umpteen places elsewhere.

    Sunday, 24 February 2013 - 1:42pm
  • Polls 2012: CEC favours report card for elected candidates

    SY Quraishi, the suave but firm chief election commissioner, has passionately taken up the cause of a record voter turn out in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttrakhand.

    Wednesday, 7 March 2012 - 9:30am
  • Reliving the romance of Chandni Chowk

    Why should any attempt be made to rename an area that has been synonymous with the city’s life and culture and is considered by Delhi-ites as the Soul of Delhi?

    Monday, 9 January 2012 - 10:15am
  • Eid is about sharing & caring

    The day of Eid-ul-Fitr truly symbolises piety, patience, fortitude and godliness.

    Wednesday, 31 August 2011 - 9:30am
  • Muslims must move ahead and change with the times

    The community must take a leaf from the Parsi minority, discard their prejudices and outmoded habits, and adjust themselves to the requirements of the modern era.

    Friday, 28 January 2011 - 2:31am
  • The real meaning of sacrifice

    Prophet Mohammed himself has been the embodiment of sacrifice all his life. The sacrifice of the animals is just a ritual whereas the essence lies far beyond.

    Wednesday, 17 November 2010 - 2:25am
  • The Sufi belief has parallels in Vedic thought

    The holistic words spoken by Sufi philosopher-saint Rumi confirm that he and India have an inseparable link, serving as a bridge between tasawwuf and the Vedantic philosophy.

    Monday, 8 November 2010 - 2:00am
  • The tragedy of Indian Muslims is their leadership

    India’s second largest majority — not minority — has been repeatedly let down by their leaders. After the Ayodhya judgment, it is now time to build bridges with Hindus.

    Wednesday, 6 October 2010 - 2:58am
  • We need both a mandir and a masjid in Ayodhya

    There’s a mysterious lull in the run-up to the Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid verdict from the Allahabad high court. However, the voices of sanity call for a compromise.

    Thursday, 23 September 2010 - 10:34am
  • Who will give Urdu the kiss of life?

    Urdu, the language of the freedom struggle, will die unless it is introduced in schools as part of a trilingual formula.

    Saturday, 21 August 2010 - 1:11am