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Ashish Virmani

  • When spirituality met business

    Speaking about leadership at a seminar organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Guru HH Radhanath Swami said: "Leadership, business and otherwise, is about understanding that one is not the proprietor of wealth, but merely the caretaker. Leadership entails a position of...

    Saturday, 13 December 2014 - 7:25am
  • Wangari Maathai: A mission of peace for the environment

    She was the founder of the Green Belt Movement, a grass roots initiative in Africa in which citizens planted over 30 million trees. Kenya-born Wangari Maathai was reared in underprivileged circumstances, during the 1940s, by Western definition. The daughter of a peasant farmer, Wangari was the...

    Monday, 1 December 2014 - 9:14am
  • Book Review: Travelling Lighter- Further Down the Path of Letting Go

    Suma Varughese's Travelling Lighter: Further Down the Path to Letting Go, her second autobiographical book, is an illuminating and truthful read for those on the spiritual path, says Ashish Virmani

    Sunday, 23 November 2014 - 5:20am
  • It's important for a spiritual person to be happy, content and strong: Sunandaji

    ...says spiritual guru Sunandaji, who will be lecturing in the city tomorrow

    Sunday, 2 November 2014 - 6:10am
  • Leave some room for imperfection: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    From his everyday routine to his tenets for life, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar talks to Ashish Virmani about matters prosaic and profound

    Sunday, 21 September 2014 - 6:45am
  • The woman who believed that peace is a daily process

    She has been called the “matriarch” of 20th century peace research, as one of the pioneers of the Peace and Conflict Studies academic movement. Elise Boulding was born in Norway in 1920 and her parents migrated to the United States in 1923 when she was all of three years old. Growing up during the...

    Sunday, 31 August 2014 - 10:33pm
  • Spiritual Fridays: Buddhist Philosophy and Learnings from the Lotus

    Ashish Virmani tells us about some of the multifarious reasons because of which, the lotus is a primary symbol of most of Buddhist spirituality

    Friday, 15 August 2014 - 4:01pm
  • There is bliss within you: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

    Excerpts from spiritual savant Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's conversation with actress Juhi Chawla

    Wednesday, 6 August 2014 - 7:35am
  • Betty Williams: The courage that gave rise to a miracle

    Betty Williams was a receptionist in Belfast, Northern Ireland, when one day in 1969, while she was driving her daughter home from school, shots rang out on the street. Betty saw a car on the opposite side of the street careen out of control and then crash into three schoolchildren crossing in...

    Saturday, 24 May 2014 - 6:00am
  • When adversity is the spark necessary for creativity

    What is the spark that lights the creative spirit? The question has assumed an enigma with the origins of creativity shrouded in the mists of mystery. Yet American author Julie Burstein (Spark: How Creativity Works) also produced a very successful radio show in New York (Studio 360 with Kurt...

    Wednesday, 30 April 2014 - 6:05am