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Amrita Madhukalya

  • AFSPA withdrawal key to ending gender-based violence

    A national plan action, the withdrawal of the armed forced from conflict areas, revised curriculum in schools, eradication of manual scavenging and legal acceptance to same sex marriages are some of the recommendations of UN Women to end gender-based violence in India.

    Tuesday, 25 November 2014 - 6:10am
  • Singing away the blues

    Songhoy Blues trumped a ban by Islamic rebel group Ansar Dine to make music. The Mali boys, who will be in India for NH7Weekender, are confident of making Indian's sway, says Amrita Madhukalya

    Sunday, 23 November 2014 - 5:50am
  • A performing arts festival for the physically and mentally challenged

    21-year-old Bharat Chouhan cannot walk because of an impairment in his legs. But that does not deter the enthusiastic boy from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh and his friends from dancing their heart away. In the Capital to be a part of Sambhav, the boys performed a adivasi Bharela dance to a rousing...

    Monday, 17 November 2014 - 1:06am
  • Nostalgia tunes: Siddhartha Khosla

    Los Angeles-based retro indie band Goldspot is named after a pre-liberalisation Indian fizzy orange drink that many of today’s generation may not even have heard of. Frontman Siddhartha Khosla, who grew up mostly in India while his parents were in the US, will be in India soon to perform at NH7...

    Sunday, 16 November 2014 - 5:35am
  • World Toilet Day: A tour of Delhi's Sulabh Museum and funny potty stories from around the world

    With World Toilet Day approaching on November 19, Amrita Madhukalya takes you to India’s only toilet museum that’s as informative as it is unusual

    Thursday, 13 November 2014 - 8:58pm
  • 50% Indian men feel violence against women endemic to happy family

    hard talk: UNFPA study shows sexual & physical aggravations predominant against Indian women

    Tuesday, 11 November 2014 - 6:10am
  • Worming through scripts

    Amit V Masurkar’s Sulemani Keeda is a celebration of Bollywood’s unsung scriptwriters, says Amrita Madhukalya

    Sunday, 9 November 2014 - 5:45am
  • Of land and loss, what the Dharamshala International Film Festival was all about

    Narratives on conflict and displacement were the focus at Dharamshala International Film Festival 2014, reports Amrita Madhukalya

    Sunday, 9 November 2014 - 5:40am
  • Delhi High Court judgement on rape and murder of 65-year-old sparks off debate

    Can forceful sex with a 65-year-old woman, who is beyond the age of menopause, punishable under law? Delhi High Court judges seem to think otherwise. A judgment made on Friday by the Delhi High court in the case of rape and murder of an old woman in December, 2010 has sparked a debate on whether...

    Tuesday, 4 November 2014 - 7:45am
  • Creative deficit in Indian film industry appalling: Rajat Kapoor

    There is a huge creative deficit in the Indian film industry, feels actor-filmmaker Rajat Kapoor. On the sidelines of the Dharamsala International Film Festival, where his latest, Aankhon Dekhi, was the opening feature, the actor said the industry was more interested in the money these movies...

    Sunday, 2 November 2014 - 5:25am