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Unleashing the psychic potency of sex energy

Friday, 2 November 2012 - 8:54am IST | Agency: dna

There are two ways to look at sex energy - one from the eyes of science and the other from the understanding of the scriptures.

There are two ways to look at sex energy - one from the eyes of science and the other from the understanding of the scriptures.

Science considers either the sperm or ova, but the shastras have seen sex energy on a different scale. They divide this energy into three parts: shukra or anda (sperm or egg), veerya meaning strength or the psychological aspect, and ojas or light which is the spiritual dimension of sex energy.

Ayurveda would advise a couple planning childbirth to observe three months of celibacy. This would strengthen the magnetic field of the sperm or egg. That is, its veerya or strength would increase, giving direct benefits to the child to be born. Some qualities would automatically transfer to the child, such as the power of holding his attention, the art of relaxation and a deeper understanding of life. Yes, the magnetism of this child would be totally different. When most people enter into the act of sex, they deplete both the physical and psychological parts of this energy. Tantra was a spiritual science wherein students were taught to enter into the sex act in a way that they lost the physical sperm or shukra while retaining and strengthening the veerya or psychological part. A person adept in such a practice would develop a very powerful personal magnetism.

The third aspect is ojas or light. Once the yogi has collected a large amount of veerya, he transforms this into light. Perhaps sometime in the future, science may discover that every few months, a certain quantity of sex cells automatically become brain cells. Yes, the veerya is sublimated into the light of consciousness. When this happens, the student is no longer dependent upon anything for his peace and joy. It comes from an ever-flowing inner source.

Most people teach kundalini yoga without teaching their students the different aspects of sex energy and this can be very dangerous. The first and most important step is to increase the power of veerya, the psychological sperm. The simplest way to do this is by the practice of rhythmic breathing as was taught by my teacher. It has a direct effect on our sex energy by freeing it from excitement and increasing its psychic potency.

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