Inner truth: Abundance to Riches

Thursday, 28 November 2013 - 9:10am IST | Agency: DNA

To be rich, we have to be abundant in spiritual resources. Worry invites lack and further scarcity. The Law of Attraction uses the energies of our beliefs to create our life circumstances.  If we don’t believe that we are already abundant, we cannot create riches. Wealth is a state of mind; abundance is a state of consciousness. 

Beliefs engender thoughts, and thoughts pave the way for actions. To break free of restraining thoughts, we must live in a constant state of gratitude. Gratitude is the most powerful magnet for wealth. Our lives are filled with riches that money cannot buy; physical health, mental competence, spiritual plentitude, and emotional well-being are treasures we take for granted. What validates our existence? Fat wallets or deep integrity? Large cars or bigger hearts? If the external environment is filled with lack and monetary swings, it is indicative that the inner environment is devoid of thankfulness and spiritual grounding.

The author is a self-empowerment guide, healer and a spiritual counsellor.

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