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Celebrating Diwali, but with care

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 - 5:25pm IST | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: dna

Doctors in the city state that dust generated during Diwali cleaning can bode ill for those who have breathing trouble or are asthma patients.

Diwali cleaning
The Diwali cleaning may have been outsourced to the maid, but that doesn’t mean you have kissed goodbye to diseases as well. Doctors in the city state that dust generated during Diwali cleaning can bode ill for those who have breathing trouble or are asthma patients. They advice either staying away from the place that is being cleaned, or at least covering the mouth and nose when the cleaning is going on.

“Respiratory problems are quite common particularly among the old and the very young during Diwali. While cleaning the house it is advisable to cover one’s mouth and nose. The dust generated during the cleaning can be harmful for those suffering from allergic bronchitis,” said Dr Pragnesh Vachharajani, president, Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA).

Apart from the obvious effects on environment, the firecrackers that are a rage during Diwali can pose several health threats. If not handled properly they can lead to burn injuries. But what few know is that handling fire-crackers with bare hands also leads to skin problems. The high noise levels can be particularly stressing for heart patients and the elderly.

“Often during and after Diwali, we get cases related to burns due to firecrackers, skin injuries and allergy,” said Dr Mehul Shelat. He said that many elderly often complain of ringing in their ears after Diwali. “This is due to the constant bursting of firecrackers which affects the ear drums,” said Dr Shelat. The chemicals in firecrackers can aggravate eczema and other such skin ailments too, he said.

Too much of good food
As you gorge on the Diwali delicacies laden with sugar and fried in ghee doctors have a word of caution for you. Don’t overindulge they say for it can send your digestive system for a toss not to mention the risks of eating unhygenically prepared food.

Diabetologist Dr Banshi Saboo said that indulging in too much of sweets may prove dangerous for diabetics. “The new trend is people think if they are diabetics they can gorge on sugar-free sweets. But what they don’t realise is that even if it is sugar-free, it remains fried and the consumption of trans-fat can be harmful as well,” said Dr Saboo.

“Moreover the dates and dry fruits used in sweets can also send weight-watchers hardwork for a toss,” said Smita Shah, a dietician. Dr Saboo advises eating anything including sugar-free sweets in moderation. “The best thing to do, particularly for a diabetic patient, is to ensure that he gets his sugar level under control before Diwali. That way they can eat the sugar-free sweets in moderation,” he said.

Doctors on call as well
The Ahmedabad Family Physician’s Association along with the Ahmedabad Medical Association has given out a list of the doctors who will be available during the Diwali holidays. Dr Vachharajani said that the doctors will help connect patients to physicians who are working in their area.

“In all, around 50 doctors have registered for the endeavour,” said Dr Vachharajani. He said that the most common ailments reported during Diwali are common cold and flu followed by burn injuries.

“Last time we handled close to 200 to 250 calls during Diwali. Doctors are available and there is no need to panic. Most of the complaints can be solved through phone consultation. We are also giving out a list of specialists who will be working during Diwali,” said Dr Vachharajani. The city has been divided into five zones with a doctor to help the co-ordination efforts of each.

On their toes for your health
These doctors are coordinators in their area who can be called in case of ailments.They will help you connect to a doctor working in your area:

Dr Pragnesh Vachharajani     9825086839    Naranpura
Dr Abhay Dikshit    9327018200    Maninagar
Dr Mehul Shelat    9825398891    Sabarmati
Dr Ashvin Shah    9824038816    Satellite
Dr JP Darbar    9824548356    Maninagar
Dr Dhiren Mehta    9898854158    Bapunagar

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