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Mind mapping is the new teaching mantra

Thursday, 12 September 2013 - 7:09am IST | Agency: dna

Mulund school introduces its teachers to innovative concept for keeping students interested in classrooms.

With a view to bring innovation to classrooms and keep students interested, a school in Mulund introduced its teachers to the concept of mind map, a tool used to visually outline information through a diagram on paper.

A mind map, according to trainer Dharmendra Rai, is a revolutionary thinking tool invented by Tony Buzan, which is popularly used by companies and institutions abroad. Through images, colours, associations, a mind map can be used for condensing information, brainstorming, making to do lists, presentations, teaching, memorising and revising lessons.

“A mind map is a tool with infinite applications and can be done with a simple software called IMindMmap or even just paper and colourful pens. The number of associations that you will be able to note down using a mind map are way more than what you will be able to list an order,” said Rai, who engaged over 40 teachers at Nalanda Public School in Mulund in a day-long workshop. A typical mind map is a diagram which has a central image or key word with associated ideas or words branching out from the core idea.

While mind maps have been around for long, it is the first time a school in the city had conducted an in-house session with a view of using it as a teaching tool.

“Teachers need to constantly learn new things to keep the students’ interest. As soon as I came across the concept of mind mapping I realised it could be of great use to teachers,” said Nandita Khanna, principal of the school.

However, at the end of the session, teachers felt that they could use the tool well beyond the classrooms too. “We cannot only use mind mapping to make classes interesting but also for creating lesson plans for the year. It will help us in planning better,” said Sailee Mantri, head of the school’s pre-primary section.

Using such tools is not only positive for teachers but also for students.  Experts feel that innovations in classrooms are extremely important to maintain an environment conducive for learning.

“It is a step ahead in education. Such tools will help children break away from rote learning. Mind maps are a brain stimulation technique, the brain processes faster and children also learn to brainstorm,” said psychologist Seema Hingorani.

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