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1) I am currently pursuing FYBMM and want to pursue sports management. Which universities in the US offer this course?
Shlomoh Samuel
You can look at University of Michigan, NYU, University of Minnesota, UCLA which all have great programmes.

2) I am studying in class XII (Science) and plan to study architecture abroad after finishing my Bachelor in architecture from Sir JJ school of Architecture. Which is the best country to pursue the same? Could you please let me know the admission procedure?
Atharva Dixit
There are good architecture programmes in Singapore and US. In Singapore, you can look at Singapore Polytech. In the US, there are courses at Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State and Virgina Tech. All these courses may require you to take an entrance test (possibly the GRE). You should have a strong GPA, and possibly have some internship experience. You will be required to submit a portfolio to the colleges.

3) I am studying in class X and plan to graduate in commerce and economics abroad. Which is the best country to pursue this course?
Dipanshu Paralkar
After you finish with your class X exams, enroll in a commerce programme for your junior college. If you do intend to apply abroad, you will need to begin preparation starting from class XI. For an undergraduate degree in the US, you will need to appear for the standardised tests like SAT or ACT. All your transcripts (from class IX to Class XII) will need to be sent to the colleges that you are applying for along with recommendation letters from teachers and counselors. In the US an economics degree falls under the liberal arts spectrum. You have the option to choose from over 300 subjects, giving you a more holistic education. However, you are not needed to declare your specialisation subject, until the second year of college.

If you choose to apply to a college in the UK, you will need to submit your class X and class XII transcripts and specify your major in the application. The flexibility is limited and once you choose your interest, you will have to stick with that major. Note that you can only apply to five colleges in the UK, whereas your choice is unlimited for colleges in the US.

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